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  • Présentation géographique de la Bolivie. Presentacion geografica de Bolivia. Geographic outline of Bolivia
  • Bolivia and its agrarian reform, a review of recent literature
  • 20 Jahre Indianerkolonisation in Ostbolivien Twenty years of Indian colonisation in Eastern Bolivia
  • Physical and chemical properties of savanna soils in Northern Bolivia
  • Bolivia ; Floodplain ; Forest soil ; Mineralogy ; Savanna ; Soil ; Soil science ; Taxonomy ; Tropical zone ; Vegetation
  • Soil samples from a savanna in northern Bolivia were examined as part of the first detailed study on the regional vegetation. Soil texture, PH, organic carbon, total nitrogen, exchangeable cations, cation exchange capacity, and base saturation of 29
  • Democracy, decentralization and state power: on the politics of the regional in Chile and Bolivia
  • Bolivia ; Chile ; Decentralization ; Democracy ; Region ; Regional policy ; Regionalization ; Territorial strategy
  • Regional devolution has been a major issue in many Latin American countries as a way to decentralize the power structures. In Chile this has been strongly influenced by geopolitical ideas in the Chilean military. In Bolivia, regionalization has
  • The potential for economic valuation of watershed protection in mountainous areas: a case study form Bolivia
  • Agricultural practice ; Andes ; Bolivia ; Economic cost ; Environmental conservation ; Methodology ; Mountain ; Resource management ; Soil conservation ; Watershed
  • A case study from Bolivia demonstrates that a relatively inexpensive economic analysis can develop a strong case for a watershed management project. - (DWG)
  • Regional development planning in the tropical lowlands of the Cochabamba departamento (Bolivia)
  • Bolivia ; Decentralization ; Planning ; Regional development ; Regional planning ; Tropical zone
  • Post-peasant capitalist graziers : the 21st century in Southern Bolivia
  • Bolivia ; Environmental degradation ; Livestock farming ; Pastureland ; Rural community ; Village
  • Author challenges orthodox position that livestock grazing causes increased environmental degradation. He examines the grazing part of the household livelihood strategies of rural people in Tarija, Bolivia, who use a range of micro-environments
  • Selected legume cover crops for hillside environments in Bolivia
  • Agroclimatology ; Bolivia ; Climate ; Crop ; High mountain ; Simulation ; Vegetables
  • Soil fertility in the mid-elevation hillsides of the Cochabamba region of Bolivia has been declining as natural fallow times have been reduced in order to bring more land into crop production. A photothermal model is used to simulate climate
  • Impact of live barriers on soil erosion in the Pairumani sub-catchment, Bolivia
  • Andes ; Bolivia ; Model ; Mountain ; Simulation ; Slope gradient ; Soil conservation ; Soil erosion ; Watershed
  • Results from plot scale studies on the effectiveness of live barriers for soil erosion control on steep mountains in Cochabamba, Bolivia are used to evaluate the European Soil Erosion Model (EUROSEM). A three hectare catchment with 28 fields
  • The development of Bolivia's Ruvenabaque land colonisation scheme : the colonists' perspective
  • Peasant participation in agrarian reform: Mexico, Bolivia, and Venezuela in Anthropology and social change in rural areas.
  • Spaces of uneven development and class struggle in Bolivia : transformation or trasformismo?
  • Bolivia ; Class struggle ; Development ; Economic development ; Economic restructuring ; Political geography ; Social movement ; Uneven development
  • This article engages with the politics of class struggle and state formation in modern Bolivia. It ex-amines how current forms of political contestation are shaped by the legacy of the Revolution of 1952 and the subsequent path of development
  • . It is argued that state formation in Bolivia can be read as part of the history of passive revolution in Latin America within the spatial conditions of uneven and combined development shaping the geopolitics of the region. However, the expansion of passive
  • Comparative cultural geography : empirical evidence on processes of integration in rural Bolivia, Ivory Coast and Indonesia.
  • Agricultural colonization ; Bolivia ; Comparative study ; Forest ; Indonesia ; Ivory Coast ; Migration ; Pioneer fringe ; Rural population ; Social integration ; Social organization
  • The impact of mechanized tillage on soil compaction in Eastern Bolivia
  • Agricultural mechanization ; Agricultural technique ; Agriculture ; Bolivia ; Quantitative analysis ; Soil ; Spatial analysis
  • Late Quaternary spatio-temporal limnological variations in the Altiplano of Bolivia and Peru
  • Bolivia ; C 14 dating ; High mountain ; Lake ; Limnology ; Mollusca ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeolake ; Peru ; Quaternary ; Salinity ; Sedimentology
  • An emerging logic of urban water management, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Bolivia ; Distribution network ; Drinking water ; Management ; Urban supply ; Water economics
  • Modos de producción y regionalización del espacio. El ejemplo de Bolivia
  • Bolivia ; Colonization ; Economic system ; Production mode ; Regionalization ; Spatial organization
  • Development needs and the mobilization of rural resources in Highland Bolivia
  • Andes ; Bolivia ; Development strategy ; Local government ; Non-governmental organization ; Resource management ; Rural community ; Rural development
  • The impact of rainfall frequency on coca (Erythroxylum coca) production in the Chapare region of Bolivia
  • Agroclimatology ; Bolivia ; Crop ; Cultivated plants ; Interannual variability ; Precipitation ; Rural geography ; Seasonal variation