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  • Geografski osobenosti na rajdaemostta i reproduktivnoto povedenie na naselenieto v NR Bâlgariia. (Geographical peculiarities of birth-rate and population reproductive performance in Bulgaria)
  • Birth-rate has reduced to 14,3 / in 1980. The author applies the model of V. Borisov hypothetical minimum of birth-rate. Minimal birth-rate coefficients by age groups were derived with the help of a mathematical model of reproduction process
  • . The low birth-rate necessitate an active demographic policy, which is to have effect on reproductive performance. It should be carried out on two levels national and regional.
  • Movement of crude birth rates, natality by nationality, birth rates of agricultural and non-agricultural population, extramarital natality, live birth with professional assistance, infant mortality, liveborn children by sequence of birth.
  • Simplified birth rate estimates under nonstable conditions
  • A simplified birth rate estimate that does not require reference to models of life tables or stable populations is suggested and some of its applications are illustrated.
  • Economic-demographic modeling with endogenously determined birth and migration rates: theory and prospects
  • Regional trends in crude birth, death, and natural increase rates in Russia and the USSR: 1897-1989
  • Birth rate ; Data ; Demography ; Estimation ; Fertility ; Mortality ; Natural increase ; Regional disparities ; Russia
  • Trends in birth rates and family planning practices by continent and country. - (D. W. Gade).
  • Spatial dynamics of populations with changing birth, death, and migration rates : a generalization of multiregional stable population theory
  • On some robust estimates of birth rate under nonstable conditions
  • Writing the names : marriage style, living arrangements, and the first birth interval in a Nepali society
  • Birth control ; Birth rate ; Choice of partner ; Cultural geography ; Demographic behaviour ; Demography ; Fertility ; Marriage ; Nepal ; Spacing of births ; Village
  • Behaviour ; Birth control ; Birth rate ; Children ; Demography ; Fertility ; Methodology ; South Africa ; United States of America
  • Birth control ; Birth rate ; Demographic change ; Demographic transition ; Demography ; Egypt ; Fertility
  • Birth control ; Birth rate ; Cebu ; Demography ; Enquiry ; Food ; Multivariate analysis ; Philippines ; Spacing of births
  • Behaviour ; Birth rate ; Czech Republic ; Demographic change ; Divorce ; Fertility ; Marriage ; Marriage rate ; Regional disparities ; Reproduction rate
  • and delayed childbearing. The trend towards low fertility rate has been noticeable especially in big cities. Changes in order of districts by the fertility rates are apparent. - (MS)
  • Age group ; Birth control ; Cameroon ; Demography ; Fertility ; Marriage rate ; Reproduction rate ; Spacing of births
  • in fertilyty which are reflected not only in the patterns of variation in overall fertility, marital fertility and proportions married but also in the degree to which these indices have changed between 1926 and 1971. Recent variations in the birth rate
  • are indicative of the balance between further declines in marital fertility and increases in proportion married and it is likely that the birth rate will continue to fluctuate during the next few years as a result of these two contrasting trends.
  • An economic-demographic approach to forecasting national and subnational birth rates
  • Birth control ; Birth rate ; Demographic analysis ; Demography ; Family ; Fertility ; France ; Guadeloupe ; Marriage ; Marriage rate ; Martinique ; Mortality ; Overseas France ; Réunion ; West Indies
  • Age of entry into marriage and the date of the initiation of voluntary birth control
  • Birth control ; Birth rate ; Demographic transition ; Demography ; Europe ; Ex-USSR ; Family ; Fertility ; India ; Marriage ; Society
  • Albania ; Birth rate ; Demographic change ; Depopulation ; Emigration ; Social indicators ; Years 1990-99