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  • Claude Ponsard (1927-1990). A biographical essay
  • Recollections of Kirk Bryan : a biographical sketch
  • Biographical narratives of encounter : the significance of mobility and emplacement in shaping attitudes towards difference
  • This paper uses a biographical approach focusing on interviewees’ narratives of encounterin Leeds, England. Through its attention to processes of mobility and emplacement, it contributes to debates about when contact with difference matters
  • Biographical aspects of Leichhardt's diaries
  • Ivan Gams – terminologist, encyclopedist, biographer, and more : SyCULTour 2013
  • The challenge facing migration research: the case for a biographical approach
  • Raymond E. Crist : a biographical essay in Festschrift to honor Raymond E. Crist.
  • Vision and the cultural in geography : a biographical interview with Denis Cosgrove
  • Biographical sketches of Louis ARNER BOYD (1887-1972)| Ruth Emily BAUGH (1889-1973)| Ida May SHRODE (1890-)| Frances MERRITT EARLE (1897-1970)| and Wilma BELDEN FAIRCHILD (1915-1983). - (DWG)
  • Biographical sketch of Goodrich (1793-1860), born in Connecticut and using the pseudonym of Parley, who was one of America's most prolific writers of geography textbooks. - (DWG)
  • disciplines. This paper, a modified version of the Inaugural Lecture of the A. as Professor of Cultural Geography at Wageningen University, briefly reflects, with the help of some biographical hints, on the nature of geography and in particular on the power
  • ) in France and in parts of West Africa. The core of this book is the transcript of biographical interviews with Suret-Canale, which is complemented by an introductory essay by Bianchini, facsimiles of documents, photographs, and a concluding essay by Amady
  • to a disastrous redevelopment scheme. The nature and scope of W. Bunning's professional life represent a virtual microcosm of the uneven course of planning in Australia in the postwar years. The A. demonstrates how a biographical approach to planning history can
  • Trop de biographes n'ont vu en Kropotkine que le révolutionnaire et l'anarchiste. A l'inverse, l'A. met ici l'accent sur son oeuvre géographique et géologique, plus importante qu'on ne l'imagine. Avant son exil hors de Russie et sa collaboration
  • This is a biographical paper dealing with the professional career and contributions to Hungarian geography of Ferenc Koch (1901-1974) one of Teleki's most eminent students. Koch as university professor substantially contributed to the post-1945
  • for the future of life on earth. Editor of volume provides a biographical sketch of Luten. - (DWG)
  • some biographical and intellectual context for the discussion that follows. It then addresses the three primary geographical facets of Hegel’s work, namely his concept of ‘space’, his understanding of physical geography and its relation to race
  • The soundscapes investigated by geographers include also the promotion, within the marketing strategies adopted by local stakeholders, of the biographical events and of the artistic production of famous composers and musicians. The city of Parma
  • méthodologie qualitative puis quelques résultats de la recherche effectuée dans des villes d'Espagne où le divorce a une intensité plus grande. Les narrations de nos biographes permettent d’examiner en profondeur la mutation de la famille et les liens affectifs
  • on a biographical science studies approach, he examines key aspects of the life and work of the river scientist Luna Leopold (1915–2006). This then leads to a discussion of the geographical imagination, and particularly how this is grounded in the sociological