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  • Belgium
  • Belgium and Luxembourg. The lands and their people
  • Sedimentology of the Boom clay, Rupelian, in Belgium
  • Mineralogy in silty to loamy soils of Central and High Belgium in respect to autochtonous and allochtonous materials
  • Study of soils on loess in Central and in High Belgium, soils in situ on phyllites (High Belgium) and soils in old weathering loam in situ or on solifluction material in High Belgium. Physico-chemical, chemical and mineralogical data have been
  • Lithogeochemistry of some carbonate sections of the Dinantian in the Vesder Region (Belgium)
  • Contribution to the lithostratigraphy and the sedimentary petrology of the Landen Formation in Belgium
  • Geomorphological and paleohydrographical research based on geoelectrical prospection (South Campine, Belgium)
  • Diagenetic evolution of the septaria clay of Boom (Rupelian age) in Belgium
  • A Sedimentological study of the septaria clay of Boom (Rupelian age) in Belgium
  • National responses to the energy crises of the 1970s: Belgium and Denmark
  • Recent captures in Belgium of three rare and endangered Wetland-Araneae
  • Comparative distribution of some fresh water macro-arthropods in Flanders (Belgium)
  • Distribution of Carabid beetles in Belgium : analyses on recent changes
  • Behaviour of heavy metals in a mud flat of the Scheldt Estuary, Belgium
  • Belgium ; Estuary ; Pollution
  • A reappraisal of the propaguliferous species of the Pohlia annotina-complex in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Belgium ; Biogeography ; Experimentation ; Gardening ; Thematic map ; Vegetation
  • Oenanthe silaifolia Bieb. in de vallei van de Ijzer en in België=Oenanthe silaifolia Bieb. in the valley of the Ijzer and in Belgium
  • Oenanthe silaifolia has been re-discovered in Belgium in July 1977, in a hay-field at Reninge (valley of the Ijzer).
  • Diatoms from the Groot-and Klein Schietveld at Brasschaat (Northern Campine, Belgium)
  • Diatoms from acid waters in two large heathland relic areas in the North of Belgium.
  • Simulation of land use changes an impacts on the water balance - a case study for Belgium
  • Belgium ; Catchment area;Watershed ; Hydrology ; Land use ; Vegetation ; Water balance
  • IGPB-related research in Belgium
  • Belgium ; Earthquake ; Natural hazards ; Seismic hazard ; Tectonics
  • The study of earthquakes evidences types of geological movements which enliven earth crust faults in Belgium. - (L. W.).
  • IGPB-related research in Belgium
  • Belgium ; Environment ; Global change ; Greenhouse effect ; Human impact
  • The study aims to draw up for Belgium and the Flemish region an inventory of all man-made sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Reduction strategies and technologies will be evaluated w.r.t. their potential to reduce emissions for the Belgian