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  • The development of thematic maps in Bavaria up to the year 1900
  • Bavaria ; Eighteenth Century ; Germany ; History of cartography ; Nineteenth Century ; Seventeenth Century ; Sixteenth Century ; Thematic mapping
  • Bavaria is a geographically and historically homogenous country was ideal for development of thematic mapping. The oldest maps of Bavaria were published just in XVIth century. The important tradition of Central European roads map started
  • Spatial differences of solute load output in Middle Bavaria in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • In this paper, a method of assessing the spatial variation of the solute loads of different subcatchments is presented, using a catchment in the Tertiary Hills of Bavaria as an example.
  • Drainage and valley asymetry in the Tertiary Hills of Lower Bavaria, Germany
  • Bavaria ; Drainage ; Drainage network ; Germany ; Microclimate ; Sediment budget ; Slope gradient ; Valley ; Watershed
  • Valley asymmetry with steeper west-facing valley sides is a common feature in the Tertiary Hills of Lower Bavaria. The purpose of this study is to examine the relation between this drainage and valley asymmetry and to review the possible causes
  • Significance of erosion determining factors in the USA and in Bavaria
  • Agropedology ; Bavaria ; Germany ; Land use ; Natural hazards ; Precipitation ; Soil erosion ; Thematic mapping ; United States
  • The information of two national inventories, the NRI in the USA and the « Bodenkataster Bayern » in Bavaria, are used to compare the sheet erosion risk of both countries with the Universal Soil Loss Equation. In large parts the conditions
  • Fission-track analysis and geomorphology in the surroundings of the drill site of the German continental deep drilling project (KTB)/Northeast Bavaria
  • Bavaria ; Fault ; Geomorphology ; Germany ; Research technique ; Tectonics ; Vertical displacement;Vertical movement
  • In the crystalline basement of northeastern Bavaria, a part of the Variscan fold mountains, apatite fission-track analyses were for the first time applied to determine the influence of tectonics on landform development. The results show
  • Suspended load yield of a small alpine drainage basin in Upper Bavaria in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Mass movement processes in unconsolidated Pleistocene sediments. A multi-method investigation at the Hochgraben (Jenbach/Upper Bavaria)
  • Bavaria ; Core sampling ; Geomorphological mapping ; Geomorphology ; Germany ; Mass movement ; Sounding
  • A cryogenic wedge within gravels, north of Kempten, Bavaria, F.R.G.
  • Bavaria ; Germany ; Glacial features ; Ice wedge ; Moraine ; Paleogeography ; Quaternary
  • Slope hydrology triggered by cover-beds. With an example from the Frankenwald Mountains, northeastern Bavaria
  • Bavaria ; Germany ; Hydrology ; Overland flow ; Runoff ; Soil water ; Subsurface flow ; Surface deposits ; Watershed
  • Rest in peace, but ensure that you do within the given resting time - a regional study of decomposition problems in cemetery soils of Bavaria
  • Bavaria ; Biogeography ; Cemetery ; Geology ; Germany
  • The development of alluvial cones and bogs along the northern border of the Alps - the murnauer moos in Upper Bavaria
  • Bavaria ; Bog ; Geomorphology ; Germany ; Holocene ; Lateglacial ; Peat bog ; Periglacial features ; Soil science
  • Vineyards, hopgardens and recent afforestation : effects of late Holocene land use change on soil erosion in northern Bavaria, Germany
  • Afforestation ; Bavaria ; Germany ; Gully erosion ; Historical geography ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Land use ; Soil erosion ; Vine
  • Human impacts on soil erosion and landscape evolution during the late Holocene were quantified in a small catchment, Wolfsgraben, near the city of Bamberg in northern Bavaria. The cultivation of vines and hops as well as intensive use of forest
  • Bavaria ; Germany ; Industrialization ; Modernization ; Regional geography ; Technology
  • Over the past decades the rapid modernization of Bavaria has gained more and more public attention. Of particular main importance is the question how an industrially backward region could become one of the most successful economical
  • Baden-Württemberg ; Bavaria ; Canada ; Drumlin ; Germany ; Glacial features ; Microstructure ; Ontario ; Palaeogeography ; Quaternary
  • , Canada, and southern Bavaria, and Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  • Aspects of the Quaternary in the Tertiary Hills of Bavaria in Landforms and landform evolution in West Germany.
  • Market adaptation and competition in a strongly fluctuating branch of industry in a peripheral region. The example of clothing industry in Upper Franconia/Bavaria
  • Considerations on the relations between landforms, sediments and genesis at ice margins of the Würm Maximum based on geomorphological mapping in the area of the former Iller Glacier (Allgäu/Bavaria) in Moraines and varves. Origin/Genesis
  • Tourism and leisure behaviour subject to the spatial influence of a national frontier: the example of North-East-Bavaria
  • Bavaria ; Economic integration ; Economy ; External trade ; Germany ; Globalization ; Network
  • Bavaria is one of Europe´s strongest economic regions and worldwide known as top business location. Increasingly, the economy profits from intended or accidental occurrences among business actors from Bavaria firms abroad. Against the background
  • The significance of regional technology policy for local innovation networks in Germany - case studies from Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Bavaria ; Economic environment ; Enterprise ; Externalities ; Germany ; Innovation ; Network ; North Rhine Westfalia ; Regional development ; Regional policy ; Research and development ; Technology