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  • Bathymetric mapping by means of remote sensing : methods, accuracy and limitations
  • Bathymetric chart ; Bathymetry ; Cartography ; LiDAR ; Remote sensing ; Turbidity
  • Remote sensing of bathymetry falls into 2 broad categories : non-imaging and imaging methods. The non-imaging method (as typified by LiDAR) is able to produce accurate bathymetric information over clear waters at a depth up to 70 m. However
  • , this method is limited by the coarse bathymetric sampling interval and high cost. The imaging method can be implemented either analytically or empirically, or by a combination of both. Both implementations can produce fine-detailed bathymetric maps over
  • Feature based image processing methods applied to bathymetric measurements from airborne remote sensing in fluvial environments
  • In this paper, illumination variations are corrected with feature based image processing, which is used to identify areas in an image with a near-zero water depth. The end product is an automated bathymetric mapping method capable of a 4 m2 spatial
  • resolution with a precision of 15 cm, which allows for a more widespread application of bathymetric mapping.
  • Bathymetric and magnetic survey of California Seamount (17040N 1I2Z124W)
  • Bathymetric chart ; Czech Republic ; Lake ; Morphometry ; Watershed
  • The geographic research on the Šumava lakes has a long tradition at the Charles University of Prague. Tha main aim was to establish the exact altitude of Plešné Lake and to draw its ground plan and a bathymetric map. Geographic position amd
  • Bathymetric chart ; Czech Republic ; Lake ; Morphometry ; Mountain ; Watershed
  • The Prášilské Lake is situated in a cirque depened in the Prášily massif gneiss and granite. The aim of geographic research was to establish the precise altitude, to draw its ground plan, bathymetric map and describe the morphometric characteristics
  • Nouvelle carte bathymétrique au 1: 100.000 du banc de Gorringe (SW Portugal). (New bathymetric map (1: 100.000) of the Gorringe bank (SW Portugal)
  • Bathymetric chart ; Czech Republic ; Geomorphometry ; Hydrochemistry ; Jihočeský ; Limnology ; Středočeský
  • Bathymetrical measurement in three water bodies in Central and South Bohemia were carried out, as a part of limnological research. Bathymetrical maps, morphometrical parameters of the basins and the physico-chemical parameters of the water column
  • Authors critique bathymetric data for Lake Nainital, a natural lake in the Kumaun Himalaya, and explain new ways to measure the sediment accumulation. They date lake sediment cores using 210Pb and 137Cs dating techniques. Based on the results
  • , they estimate a useful life for the lake of 2,200 years, which is much longer than the estimate based on short-term bathymetric data. - (SLD)
  • Airborne bathymetric LiDAR was collected for 220 river kilometers in the Yakima and Trinity River Basins in the USA. Concomitant with the aerial data collection, ground surveys of the river bed were performed in both basins. The AA. assess
  • the quality of the bathymetric LiDAR survey from the perspective of its application toward creating accurate, precise and complete streambed topography for numerical modelling and geomorphological assessment. Measurement error is evaluated with respect
  • Derivative-neural spectroscopy for hyperspectral bathymetric inversion
  • Multibeam bathymetric and sediment profiler evidence for ice grounding on the Chukchi Borderland, Arctic Ocean
  • The most frequent methods used for mapping of lakes of natural or anthropogenic origin. The ways of mapping of shorelines and subsequent bathymetric measurements are described. The final format of maps are described as well. - (MS)
  • Bathymetric impacts of a seawall on a micro-tidal beach, Gulf of Lions, France
  • En japonais Studies on the representations in Oceanic cartography. 3. How should a desirable bathymetric chart be?
  • By using echo-sounding data and considerable local knowledge of the environment the possibility to use data from Landsat TM for bathymetric mapping is analysed in the vicinity of Zanzibar. Different TM band combinations and basic image processing
  • techniques are evaluated against the known water depths. The limitations of remote sensing techniques for bathymetric mapping are discussed, with emphasis on he problem of differences in reflective properties of the sea bottom. A recommendation for an optimal
  • Bathymetric chart ; Computer-assisted mapping;Automatic cartography ; Mathematics ; Methodology
  • Data used in this study consist of seismic reflection profiles and bathymetric profiles. They reveal the geological evolution of the Ierissos-Alexandroupolis shelf area of the northern Aegean during the latest sea-level rise. The islands of Thassos
  • Arctic Region ; Bathymetric chart ; Delimitation ; Marine hydrology ; Russia
  • The main aim of research was to make a precise ground plan to characterize the depth conditions of the lake basin and to determine the altitude of the lake level. The bathymetric maps of the second largest glacial lake in Czechia. - (MS)
  • Historical overview of bathymetric measurements of glacial lakes in the Šumava - Bohemian Forest Mts., from the beginning of the 20th century. - (MS)