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  • The study region is centred around Goudoumaria, covering the eastern part of Diffa department. The aim is to present a mapping of the natural environment in this region mainly based on satellite images, - to evaluate the potential and limitations
  • for the utilization of satellite based and other possible information for environmental monitoring, and - to suggest a system suitable for the future monitoring of environmental resources.
  • Base de données ; Danemark ; Dégradation de l'environnement ; Education ; Enseignement ; Environnement ; Gestion des ressources ; Pollution ; Risque ; Système d'information géographique
  • Data base ; Denmark ; Education ; Environment ; Environmental degradation ; Geographical information system ; Pollution ; Resource management ; Risk ; Teaching
  • This contribution describes a new orthogonal transformation, the Multivariate Alteration Detection (MAD) transformation, based on an established multivariate statistical technique canonical correlation analysis. A case study using multispectral SPOT
  • contribute to an improved natural resource management. Such research could, based on a review of a number of existing projects and programmes in the field, a number of obvious cases, form the background for investigating institutional bottlenecks, while
  • Institute of Geography supports Centre de Suivi Ecologique by developing methodologies and software for satellite based environmental monitoring. The development of an image processing system includes implementation of basic satellite image