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  • Echange de l'énergie à l'interface terre-atmosphère comme base d'une classification des topoclimats
  • The paper presents the method of topoclimatic mapping which bases on the analyse of the heat balance of an active surface. The classification considers the structure of the radiation balance as well as the quantity of another components of the heat
  • Base de données ; Bouches-du-Rhône ; Climat urbain ; Donnée climatique ; France ; Marseille ; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; SPOT ; Système d'information géographique ; Topographie ; Télédétection
  • Bouches-du-Rhône ; Climatic data ; Data base ; France ; Geographical information system ; Marseille ; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Remote sensing ; SPOT ; Topography ; Urban climate
  • established. For the second, we tried to establish the agricultural drought basing on the drought index Id.S%. - (BJ)
  • In Ivory Coast, density of rural population is not homogeneous. Variations do not depends of sociological reasons but the research of lower climatologic risks is the main explication. We show a method based on water balance to find the conditions
  • The paper presents new approach of bioclimatic evaluation of Poland based on bio-thermal indices derived from the human body heat balance. Seasonal and spatial variability of subjective Temperature (STI), Physiological Strain (PhS) and Heat Load
  • Années 1999-2001 ; Atmosphère ; Base de données ; Bouches-du-Rhône ; Espace urbain ; France ; Gestion de l'environnement ; Inventaire ; Marseille ; Pollution ; Pollution atmosphérique ; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Qualité de l'air
  • Air quality ; Atmosphere ; Atmospheric pollution ; Bouches-du-Rhône ; Data base ; Environmental management ; France ; Inventory ; Marseille ; Pollution ; Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ; Urban area
  • On the base of several shifts of stationarities, a segmentation procedure has been applied to proxy series. The statistical significance of resulted sub-series is proved by PDF. Two groups of PDF exist, first one stand for cold sub-series
  • The bioclimate calendar is a new kind of climatological elaboration. He presents time and spatial schedule of usefulness groups of weather in whole calendar year. Construction of calendar was based on value of meteorological elements and weather
  • Climatic records show fluctuations of precipitations over one hundred years in Normandy. However, development of sites and reconstitution of data bases don't allow to underline objectivly trend over one century. - (BJ)
  • a.s.l. These data were statiscally analysed in order to provide a reliable base for the characterisations of climate in this part of the world and to investigation on the occurence of climatic trends with respect to desertification process that is widely