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  • GIS-based simulation of erosion and deposition patterns in an agricultural landscape: a comparison of model results with soil map information
  • The recognition of alternating flood- (FDRs) and drought-dominated regimes (DDRs) in coastal rivers of New South Wales has helped to explain some of the changes in channels and floodplains observed in more recent times. On these bases the aims
  • of this paper are to predict channel and floodplain changes for two likely future scenarios: for the first a probable imminent shift back to a drought-dominated regime (DDR), the second based on the imposition of a greenhouse climate, first on a waning DDR
  • This article is based on an unpublished manuscript by the late Prof. Dr. Jan De Ploey. It focusses on the erosional susceptibility of catchments in terms of total energy input by the meteorological factors water and wind (Es-model). The form
  • This paper presents new equations expressing variations in erosional susceptibility, Es, using a data base for over 200 landslides in the loess-covered mountainous terrain (relative relief up to 1500 m) of the Lanzhou region. These equations express
  • The concept of Cumulative Erosion Potential (CEP) proposed by De Ploey et al. in 1991 provides a simple climatic index of erosion potential based on annual rainfalls and their distribution. A modified CEP (CSEP) is presented here. This paper