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  • The Saxony-Anhalt loess belt, the upper part of the Quaternary profile Zeuchfeld has been reinvestigated. The profile is well known for its sandur (Zeuchfeld Sandur) situated at the base of the profile, assumed to be of Late Saalian age (MIS 6
  • assumptions based on field work and recent pedo- and lithostratigraphic correlation. In contrast, the quartz SAR and the IR-RF measurements from the underlying sandur yield a substantially older (pre-Saalian) age. The reasons for the assumed age overestimation
  • 2014
  • was linked to a palaeo-water depth based on literature and field observations. The index points trace a local RSL history of decelerating rise since 7000-6000 years ago and subsequent asymptotical approximation, similar to existing RSL curves from Curaçao
  • 2014
  • occurrence of charcoal particles in two palaeochannels that provided archives for palynological and sedimentological analysis for the time span from the Allerød to the early Holocene. Based on the reconstructed local vegetation patterns, human occupation
  • 2014