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  • Gullying and the age of badlands: an application of the erosional susceptibility model Es
  • Badland ; Domaine méditerranéen ; Erosion des sols ; Modèle ; Mouvement de masse ; Ravinement ; Ruissellement ; Versant ; Végétation
  • Badland ; Gully erosion ; Mass movement ; Mediterranean area ; Model ; Rill wash ; Slope ; Soil erosion ; Vegetation
  • In this paper Es is discussed for gullying and badland formation. Data from world literature have been collected and an Es-g table is presented from which interpolated values can be derived for prediction or postdiction. Applied to Mediterranean
  • badlands the latter operation yields a minimal age between 2,700 and 40,000 years which dates badlands in this belt back eventually to Upper Pleistocene times. Therefore, this application of the Es model is offered as a contribution to the still ongoing
  • discussion on the origin of badlands and their age.
  • Mass movements in the badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada
  • Alberta ; Badland ; Classification ; Domaine semi-aride ; Dynamique de versant ; Erosion des sols ; Etats-Unis ; Mouvement de masse ; Versant
  • Alberta ; Badland ; Classification ; Mass movement ; Semi-arid area ; Slope ; Slope dynamics ; Soil erosion ; United States
  • processes in the badlands.