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  • Dynamic evolution of badlands in the Roglio basin (Tuscany, Italy)
  • Argile ; Badland ; Bassin-versant ; Coulée boueuse ; Domaine aride ; Domaine semi-aride ; Dynamique de versant ; Granulométrie ; Géomorphométrie ; Italie ; Pente de versant ; Toscana
  • Arid area ; Badland ; Clay ; Geomorphometry ; Grain size distribution ; Italy ; Mudflow ; Semi-arid area ; Slope dynamics ; Slope gradient ; Toscana ; Watershed
  • Alud de barro ; Arcilla ; Badland ; Campo semiárido ; Campo árido ; Cuenca hidrográfica ; Dinámica de vertiente ; Geomorfometría ; Granulometría ; Inclinación de la vertiente ; Italia ; Toscana
  • A morphometric analysis on the badlands has highlighted that these landforms formation and distribution are primarily related to the steepness of the hill flanks, which favour runoff and gravitational processes, along with favourable aspects
  • in the various stages of activity shown by the Roglio basin badlands. The results indicate that there are no significant differences in the physico–chemical properties of an active vs. an inactive/dormant badland. Observation and field data, however, indicate
  • that the dynamic of the Roglio basin badlands is strongly controlled by the occurrence of earth flows and the velocity of sediment removal at the bottom of the badlands.
  • 2011