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  • Evidence for loess in northwest Lower Michigan : characterizing the silty mantle on the Buckley Flats outwash plain
  • The AA. report on a silt-rich mantle on a section of the Outer Port Huron outwash plain in northwest Lower Michigan, known locally as the Buckley Flats. They examine various hypotheses on the origin of the silt-rich sediment. Data derived from 67
  • sites were kriged to create smoothed surfaces of cap thickness and various textural attributes. The AA. suggest that, during the latter phases of the Port Huron advance, while the Manistee River was still carrying glacial meltwater, the Buckley Flats
  • would have been a dry, stable, upland landscape, relatively near to the river. They conclude that the silty mantle on the Buckley Flats is loess.