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  • William Rowan Browne: an appreciation
  • Australie ; Biographie ; Browne (W. R.) ; Ecole géographique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Siècle XX
  • Courte biographie de W. R. Browne, décédé le 1-9-1975.
  • A budapesti melegforrasok és az un. eocén program kapcsolata. (Relation between the Budapest thermal springs and the program for the exploitation of Eocene brown coal)
  • The program for the mining of Transdanubian brown coal measures will probably influence the water recharge and thus the water supply of the area. (C. Kiricsi).
  • Comparison of some diagnostic criteria of gray and brown forest soils
  • Pale yellow-brown pseudopodzolic soils of Belorussia
  • Migratory behaviour of adult fast-growing brown trout (Salmo trutta, L.) in relation to water flow in a regulated norwegian river
  • The migration pattern of spawners of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in relation to water flow was analysed by radio-tracking in the regulated River Gudbrandsdalslågen, Norway. By being able to follow individual fish on their migration, the AA. were able
  • Food security of China and Lester Brown's point of view
  • A la suite de la publication de l'article et de l'ouvrage de L. Brown Who will feed China, une série de discussions ont été engagées dans le pays ainsi qu'à l'étranger. Les AA. effectuent une analyse en profondeur de ses principaux points de vue
  • La franja periurbana de Buenos Aires : el caso de los partidos de E. Echeverria y A. Brown in Contribuciones cientificas.
  • Les conflits ville-campagne dans la frange péri-urbaine de deux départements (''partidos'') de la province de Buenos Aires (Esteban Echeverria y Almirante Brown) : activités et accroissement de l'urbanisation. - (MZ)
  • The brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in the Mislinja River is endangered because of small hydroelectric power plants. The AA. conducted a sampling of the brown trout, measured the length and weight of caught specimens and analysed the obtained data
  • , e.g., biomass, abundance, average weight, average length and number of captured brown trout. They discovered that the population of the brown trout has decreased in all the sections where water has been taken away for small hydroelectric power plants
  • Diet and co-ecology of Pleistocene short-faced bears and brown bears in eastern Beringia
  • This paper presents stable carbon and nitrogen isotope data obtained from the fossil bone collagen of late Pleistocene short-faced bears and brown bears, and bone collagen from modern brown bears in eastern Beringia. The data elucidate many
  • Paleoclimatic inferences from a 120 000 yr calcite record of water table fluctuation in Browns Room of Devils Hole, Nevada
  • The petrographic and morphologic differences between calcite precipitated below, at, or above the present water table and uranium-series dating were used to reconstruct a chronology of water-table fluctuation for the past 120 000 yr in Browns Room
  • , a subterranean air-filled chamber of Devils Hole fissure adjacent to the discharge area of the large Ash Meadows groundwater flow system in southern Nevada. Although different in detail, water-level fluctuation recorded by Browns Room calcites generally correlate
  • BROWN R. J. E.
  • Bergbaubedingte Veränderungen des physischen Nutzungspotentials dargestellt am Beispiel des linksrheinischen Braunkohlreviers. (Changes of the natural potential resulting from mining on the example of the Rhenish Brown Coal Field)
  • The purpose of the study is to analyse the changes resulting from the mining of brown coal. The study examines the natural potential of the sample areas before the extraction of the brown coal and after the recultivation, and it evaluates
  • BROWN, E. H., (Editeur scientifique)
  • BROWN, E. H.
  • A comment on Brown's paper
  • A survey of soil fund structure in the CSR for the height soil zones of hydromorphic soils, chernozems, brown soils, illimeric podzol soils, brown forest soils and mountain podzol soils. (MS).