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  • Studien zur periglazialen Reliefformung der zentralen Brooks Range und des Arctic Slope, Nord-Alaska Periglacial mesorelief forming of the central Brooks Range and the Arctic Slope, northern Alaska
  • Alaska ; Arctic Slope ; Brooks Range ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Géomorphologie climatique ; Modelé périglaciaire ; Montagne ; Pédiment ; Périglaciaire ; Versant
  • Cette étude géomorphologique des Brooks Range (Philip Smith Mountains) et de l'Arctic Slope voisin concerne le modelé périglaciaire du mésorelief. A ce sujet deux questions se posent : 1) le modelé périglaciaire du relief montagneux. 2) Le modelé
  • The Euglenophyta of a polluted lowland brook-pond system at Boom (Antwerp, Belgium) during an aeration experiment
  • A polluted lowland brook-pond system was locally treated by aeration using the EVENS-technique. Over a period of 3 years the water was analysed physico-chemically and the Euglenophyta population was studied. (LW).
  • Sir Arthur de Capell Brooke, 1791-1858
  • Biographie ; DE CAPELL BROOKE (A.) ; Ecole britannique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Siècle 19 ; Société de géographie
  • De Cappelle Brooke was a well-known British traveller and scientist who was a founder member of the Travellers’ Club, a fellow of the Royal and Linnean societies, a founder of the Raleigh Club, and one of the founders and first council members
  • Interpretation of causes of a flash flood in the Olešenský potok brook drainage areas
  • Action anthropique ; Bassin-versant ; Crue ; Crue éclair ; Olešenský potok Brook ; Tchèque république
  • The main cause of the so-called flash flood that occured in the Olešenský potok Brook drainage area in June 10 and 11 2004, was above all an abnormal rainfall. Human interventions into the natural environment had only a negligible impact
  • The benthic insects of a polluted lowland brook-pond system (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • A total of 26.826 insect larvae and pupae were collected from 13 sampling areas in a polluted brook-pond system, locally treated by aeration. 106 species were collected: 1 Ephemeroptera, 4 Coleoptera and 101 Diptera. The Chironomidae dominated
  • by species richness and density of individuals/m. Two major insects communities were recognizable: the brook community was characterized by a high species richness of Brachycera and Nematocera, while the pond community consisted nearly exclusively
  • Water yield changes after the urbanization of the Canon's Brook catchment, Harlow, England
  • Canon Brook ; Ecoulement ; England ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Harlow ; Imperméabilité ; Royaume-Uni ; Urbanisation
  • De 1953 à 1968, le bassin argileux du Canon's Brook (21,4km) a été soumis à l'urbanisation et 16% de sa superficie a été pavée. L'imperméabilité du bassin s'en est trouvée accrue, de même que le ruissellement de surface lors des averses. L'étude
  • a montré que dans un tel bassin urbanisé, l'écoulement fluvial augmente de près de 30% par rapport à un bassin exclusivement rural. De fait, le module médian du Canon's Brook est passé de 0,057m/s en 1950-1953 à 0,142m/s en 1968. (RFC).
  • Geomorphic and stratigraphic complexity : Holocene alluvial history of Upper Wollombi Brook, Australia
  • The aims of this paper are to determine whether the terrace and floodplain sequences of 3 streams in the upper Wollombi Brook drainage basin are the same and whether they responded to European settlement in a similar manner. After describing
  • Soil erosion and sedimentation indicated by caesium 137 | Jackmoor Brook catchment, Devon, England
  • Utilisation du traceur césium 137 pour étudier l'érosion des sols et la sédimentation dans le bassin-versant Jackmoor Brook, Devon. Les résultats confirment une teneur moins importante en césium 137 dans les sols cultivés de haut de pente que dans
  • De Rhizopoden van een bevuild beek-vijverwater, gedurende een aëratie-experiment The Rhizopods of a polluted lowland brook-pond system during an aeration experiment
  • The Rhizopods of a polluted lowland brook-pond system were investigated. The brook-pond system was treated upstreams by aeration, using the Evens-technique. The water quality was improving gradually in downstreams direction. The most abundant
  • BROOKER, M. P.
  • De makelaardij in onroerende goederen in Nederland| een regiologisch-geografische analyse.. (Property brokers in the Netherlands| a regiologic-geographical analysis)
  • Cours d'eau ; Ecomorphologie ; Habitat fluvial ; Hydrobiologie ; Hydrologie fluviale ; Hydromorphologie ; Rakovnik Brook ; Tchèque république ; Végétation ripicole
  • of streams habitat quality and its application, is presented on the model study area of the Rakovník Brook. - (MS)
  • Fluvial dynamics and selected methods of ecohydrological monitoring of restored Sviňovický brook channel
  • This paper concentrates on monitoring and the evaluation of the restored Sviňovický brook channel. Repeated measurement of the cross-section and longitudinal profiles of the channel in connection with the rainfall and run-off events which have
  • Holocene climate inferred from oxygen isotope ratios in lake sediments, central Brooks Range, Alaska
  • Analyses of sediment cores from two lakes in the central Brooks Range provide temperature and moisture balance information for the past 8500 cal yr at century-scale resolution. Two methods of oxygen isotope analysis are used to reconstruct past
  • Forest age, wood and nutrient dynamics in headwater streams of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, NH
  • This study tested how instream uptake of nitrate and phosphate were affected by successional differences in the accumulation of large wood and debris dams in a 66-year chronosequence formed by 5 watersheds within the Hubbard Brook Experimental
  • Gendered spaces of industrial restructuring in resource peripheries : the case of the Corner Brook region, Newfoundland
  • Canada ; Communauté ; Corner Brook ; Développement local ; Développement régional ; Enquête ; Environnement économique ; Genre ; Newfoundland ; Relations sociales ; Ressource naturelle ; Restructuration économique ; Travail