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  • Winter land breeze in a high latitude complex coastal area
  • Air temperature ; Atmospheric circulation ; Breeze ; Coastal environment ; Heat island ; Land breeze ; Surface temperature ; Sweden ; Urban effect ; Winter
  • The winter land breeze (WLB) was studied in an area with complex totpography on the Swedish West Coast. The objectives are to show the horizontal and vertical extension of WLB in a complex landscape and to give a tentative climatology concerning
  • Simulation of the sea-breeze front with a model of moist convection
  • Even with a weak offshore background wind, the sea-breeze rapidly takes the form of a gravity current, with a well-defined head. The formation of clouds tends to strengthen the sea-breeze. The reason is that convective clouds form on the landward
  • side of the sea-breeze front, and evaporate at the seaward side. This implies the existence of an additional horizontal gradient in diabatic heating. (JPB).
  • The influence of the sea-land breeze regime on beach erosion and accretion: an exemple from Jamaica
  • Beach erosion and accretion on the Palisadoes, south-east Jamaica, is a diurnal phenomenon, caused by changes in wave form in response to the local sea-land breeze regime. Sea breezes generate destructive wave forms which remove sediment from
  • the foreshore. These waves decay when the land breeze operates, and sediment is returned to the foreshore by constructive wave action. For this area, meteorological data are a satisfactory substitute for wave data in prediction of short-term beach erosion
  • Atmospheric pollution ; Breeze ; Coastal environment ; Land breeze ; Ozone ; Pollution ; Sea breeze ; Spatial distribution ; Urban area
  • The aim of this paper is to describe the time and space variations of the ozone in a coastal urban area. The sea breezes and the land breezes are important to explain the pollutant's transport and in their distribution. - (BJ)
  • Sea breeze and local winds
  • Atmospheric pollution ; Climate ; Coastal environment ; Local climate ; Sea breeze ; Wind
  • A variation on the theme of the sea breeze
  • Atmospheric dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Cyprus ; Frontology ; Local wind ; Orographic effect ; Sea breeze ; Wind
  • On the relative intensities of sea and land breezes
  • Applied climatology ; Atmospheric circulation ; Atmospheric pollution ; Breeze ; Land breeze ; Measurement ; Numerical model ; Sea breeze
  • Climatology and impact on air quality of sea breeze in an urban coastal environment
  • Air quality ; Atmospheric pollution ; Coastal environment ; Greece ; Local wind ; Ozone ; Pollution ; Sea breeze ; Town ; Urban climate ; Wind
  • The frequency and surface characteristics of sea breezes at St. John's, Newfoundland
  • Photochemical oxydant transport: mesoscale lake breeze and synoptic scale aspects
  • Sea breezes over North-West Arabia
  • The effect of latitude on the sea breeze
  • Observations and dynamics of sea-breezes in northern Australia
  • by those of meteorological stations in the suburbs. Heat islands are recognised and described under the four groups: calm-light air clear night type, light breeze clear sky type, gentle-moderate breeze clear sky type, and cloudy type. (TNC).
  • The interaction of valley/mountains winds with a diurnally veering sea/land breeze
  • The sea breeze with mean flow
  • Numerical experiments on the inland penetration of the sea breeze
  • A Lake breeze over Southern Lake Ontario
  • Inland penetration of sea-breeze fronts