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  • Ignorance and historical geographies of Aboriginal exclusion : evidence from the 2007 Bouchard-Taylor Commission on Reasonable Accommodation
  • The AA. undertake a geographically sensitive analysis of Quebec's 2007 Bouchard-Taylor Commis-sion to demonstrate how ignorance of Aboriginal realities works strategically to sustain unequally occupied rhetorical and material space. They analyze how
  • . The case of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission demonstrates how ignorance operates in highly sophisticated and often readily justifiable ways to uphold settler interests.
  • Paleoweathering studies contribute to paleogeographic reconstitutions and global correlation of deposits. The papers in this special issue were presented at a symposium organized by Mireille Bouchard (Montreal, Canada) and Jean-Michel Schmitt (Paris
  • BOUCHARD, M.[b1]
  • BOUCHARD, M., (Editeur scientifique)[a1]
  • BOUCHARD, M., (Editeur scientifique)[a1]
  • Etats et territoires insulaires du sud-ouest de l'océan Indien (C. Bouchard). 3. De l'importance de la diversité économique locale pour l'innovation technique et la valorisation des résidus industriels (P. Desrochers).
  • Discussion on the article of Bouchard and Pavich (1989) « on the characteristics and significance of pre-Wisconsinan saprolites in the northern Appalachians », published in a special volume of « Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie » dedicated