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  • Charles Booth and the measurement of urban social character
  • Analyse multivariée ; Booth (C.) ; Classification ; England ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Géographie sociale ; Histoire de la géographie ; London ; Quartier ; Royaume-Uni ; Siècle XIX ; Société urbaine ; Ville
  • Charles Booth, à la fin du XIXsiècle fut le premier chercheur à tenter la mesure systématique de la variation sociale dans la ville, à partir de plusieurs variables. Les travaux de Booth sont illustrés à l'aide d'une analyse multivariée appliquée à
  • A multiregional population-projection framework that incorporates both migration and residential mobility streams: application to metropolitan citysuburb redistribution
  • The information of two national inventories, the NRI in the USA and the « Bodenkataster Bayern » in Bavaria, are used to compare the sheet erosion risk of both countries with the Universal Soil Loss Equation. In large parts the conditions
  • are similar in both countries. This is especially true for the rainfall erosivity R. In both cases erosion risk seems to have no influence on the farmers' decision for soil use.
  • The pollen production for both years was three times higher in Basel than at Louvain-la-Neuve. The interpretation of the pollen calendars showed an average onset of eight days earlier in 1979 and five days earlier in 1980 for the taxa in Basel
  • . The pollen catch for both stations was greater in 1980 than in 1979, which was characterized by an average delay in the onset of pollen shedding both in Basel and at Louvain-la-Neuve. (Les AA.).
  • in these reservoirs provides a basis for the reconstruction of the monsoon history. The two reconstructions, separated by only 150km, have some features in common and some striking differences. Both show maximum monsoon amounts in the early Holocene, with a roughly
  • two-thirds decrease to the present. Both show salinization in sub-Boreal time. Both show long intervals of near complete desiccation in the last four millennia.
  • Ressursregnskap et hjelpemiddel bade i den nasjonale of regionale planlegging An account of resources an auxiliary means both in national and regional planning
  • One of the commonest measures being introduced in low-and-middle-income countries to meet both economic and political goals of health sector reform is the decentralized management of health services. The literature on this topic does not contain
  • a strong geographical component. The paper is intended both to reflect and rectify this imbalance.
  • Analyses of both till and glacioaqueous sedimentary fabrics and their lithological characteristics have been carried out on sediments sampled at 8 sites located around the northern margin and piedmont of Slieve Bloom, as indicators of both
  • the direction of ice flow towards and across Slieve Bloom and the transport distances of tills deposited in and around the mountains. These 2 sets of information give indications of both the provenance of glacigenic sediments and their route into Slieve Bloom
  • This paper presents the results of a survey of alluvial heavy minerals sampled from both upland and piedmont catchments of Slieve Bloom with the aim of reconstructing the incursion pattern of lowland ice into the uplands. The distribution
  • of alluvial heavy minerals, used in conjunction with the previously reported characteristics of both tills and glaciofluvial sediments, allows both a detailed reconstruction of glacial deposition and insights into the effects of changing subglacial topography
  • Large, infrequent fires (LIFs) can have substantial impacts on both ecosystems and the economy. The AA. review local and regional literature investigating the factors that produce the LIFs. The emerging conceptual model proposes that ecosystems can
  • be typified based on climatic conditions that determine both fuel moisture and fuel amount. The concept distinguishes 3 ecosystem types : 1) biomass-rich, rarely dry ecosystems where fuel moisture rather than fuel amount limits LIFs; 2) biomass-poor, at least
  • seasonally dry ecosystems where fuel amount rather than fuel moisture limits LIFs; and 3) biomass-poor, rarely dry ecosystems where both fuel amount and fuel moisture limit the occurrence of LIFs.
  • The best of both worlds. Eine Fallstudie zu Long distance - Transmigranten zwischen Europa und Neuseeland
  • The best of both worlds. Une étude de cas des transmigrations à longue distance entre l'Europe et la Nouvelle Zélande
  • -tech-companies in China's both most innovative regions that captures the firm's cooperation patterns. The findings presented in the article confirm that Chinese high-tech-companies are linked to both sources of knowledge from different sources
  • . The relative importance of external knowledge sources, however, differs between both regions and reflects regional development paths. - (IfL)
  • Structural patterns in river network organization at both infra- and supra-basin levels : the case of a granitic relief
  • The AA. have considered a granitic area and studied both its main basin and the set of its 48 constituent basins. With respect to the main basin, the probability density functions (pdf) of the component lenghts exhibit a strong scaling property
  • Measurement of the spatial distribution of fluvial bedload transport velocity in both sand and gravel
  • Maps are presented of the spatial distribution of two-dimensional bedload transport velocity vectors. Bedload velocity data were collected using the bottom tracking feature of an acoustic Doppler current profiler (aDcp) in both a gravel-bed reach
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) investigations conducted on 2 open system pingos, Innerhytte pingo and Riverbed pingo, are described. Surface exposures suggest that both pingos are largely formed in weak Jurassic shales. Little evidence
  • for the presence of large bodies of massive ice was found. Strong subsurface reflections within the core of both pingos are interpreted as representing either the presence of alternating shale and ice units, or variations in the chemistry, ice crystal properties
  • or air content of pingo ice. Both pingos are characterized by conspicuous surface icings, with groundwater flow to the surface in late winter, prior to initiation of actve-layer thawing, suggesting derivation from a deep groundwater source.
  • energy geomorphic events are limited to the apex section of talus slopes and rarely affect the whole slope. During the Little Ice Age debris flows and rockfalls were both more frequent and of greater magnitude due to changes in both climatic factors
  • This paper deals exclusively with river-flow extremes and their climatic drive , the second-order effects of climatic change (for instance via changes in both land and water management) and the lessons from both hydrological and geomorphological
  • The paper traces the loss of physician control over the conditions of their work since the turn of the century. Medical care in both countries has responded to the forces of ethnicity, class, and changing medical technology. The labor theory
  • of value suggests that physician proletarianization is well underway in both countries.
  • Population processes on both sides of the state border were investigated parallely in order to point out that the problems of a borderline area cannot be studied only from one side of the border. Solutions can only be expected from the mutual
  • interpretation of spatial processes in society active on both sides. - (DLO)
  • It is the aim of this paper to present a brief background of human occupation of the fragile coastal environment of north Yucatan, in particular the impact of tourism development. Both the physical and cultural landscapes of the N Yucatan coast
  • are distinct from those of the E coast of Yucatan, and this may explain differences in both the impacts of and recovery rates from Hurricane Gilbert.