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  • Obituary. Robin H. Best. 1926-1984
  • Best (R. H.) ; Biographie ; Ecole britannique ; Histoire de la géographie ; Siècle 20
  • Which map is best? Projections for World maps.
  • TOBLER, W. R., (Collaborateur)
  • Comparaison entre la méthode de représentation cartographique de l'utilisation du sol mise au point par R. H. Best en 1960 et celle adoptée par l'A., qui conclut en réfutant les critiques faites à Best. 1960-1976.
  • The Glosses dam (Akarnania, Northwest Greece) is one of the best preserved ancient dams in Greece. The article deals with Greece, Akarnania, geoarchaeology, morphodynamic activity and stability and alluvial fan stratigraphy. - (IfL)
  • HERD, R.
  • Harmonisation des définitions des données dans les trois pays sur la base des définitions de R. H. Best. Cela permet une étude comparée menée au Wye College.
  • BEST A. C. G.
  • DE-BLIJ H. J.
  • Bogs and lacustrine deposits are the best traps for pollens. But the identification at the level species is impossible and the pollen spectrum is never the exact reflect of the contemporaneous vegetation.
  • Soil fertility decreased when forest land was converted to agriculture. But soil conditions under forested land use were not always of the best quality. - (DWG)
  • The search for the best alternative using multiple criteria: Singapore transit study
  • MASSAM, B. H.
  • the meteorological data. The best results are obtained for the prediction of 0700 h UT using meteorological data at 0400 h UT.
  • The article, written by minister H. Reichelt, gives a short informative survey of the development of water supply and distribution in the G.D.R. between 1981 and 1986. In accordance with the economic policy the rational use of water is regarded
  • the best way to intensify the management of water resources. Development trends are shown in the text by respective parameters. - (IH)
  • been employed with the best available data sets on K-, C-, R- and LS-factors. Model results show that soil losses in Hesse vary between 0.5 and 15 tonnes/(ha.year). The mean loss amounts and the sediment delivery ratios for sub-catchments are also
  • VEREECKEN, H.[b1]
  • BRAZIER, R., (Editeur scientifique)[a2]
  • are described by either exponential or power functions, both of which have been proposed for graded rivers. Using the coefficients of the functions best fitting to the longitudinal profiles, the stages in morphological development of the profiles are discussed
  • OHMORI, H.
  • of these areas of Hungary. The sedimentological and faunal investigations of 17 sampling sites in the best-studied depressions of Hungary resulted in the identification of 3 stages of evolution.
  • BREMER, H., (Editeur scientifique)
  • Many of the branch offices in Sendai play the role of a regional control office which covers the whole Tohoku region. It is the best city in which to set up regional control branch offices because they can enjoy the benefits of accumulation
  • and abroad. One of the best-known classifications was developed by the American geographer Edwin H. Hammond, who classified the landforms of the United States in great detail. - (L'A.).
  • and lithology of clasts. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine if such information could differentiate and characterize the various fan surfaces and other subenvironments. Of the examined parameters, clast orientation is the best predictor of relative