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  • Although intended as a text book for West African teachers and students this well-illustrated book contains authoritative and detailed information. (EMS).
  • is based on dehumanization of the Palestinians. This trend is especially strong among rightists in the Israeli political spectrum who are more likely to withdraw to authoritative forms of moral judgment than leftists. The worldview that allows
  • for the withdrawal to authoritative moral judgments that justify the barrier tend to victimize the Israelis and dehumanize the Palestinians. Such a world view serves as a mean to maintain positive self image while managing a contractible conflict.
  • Maps are authoritative images which have traditionally been viewed either as objective, rational representations of reality or as subjective tools of propaganda. Recently a body of literature has suggested a series of layers of ideology which need
  • Authoritative vignettes on the origin and spread of more than 70 plants that includes many of those common (e.g. wheat, rice, maize, coconut, date palm, apples, etc.) as well as those of lesser importance (e.g. macadamia nut, barbasco, quinoa
  • This extensively revised edition incorporates up-dated statistics as well as an account of events up to 1975, including the oil war, the collapse of the gold price, and the devaluation of South Africa's currency. The book remains an authoritative
  • Methods are presented to integrate satellite data into the Authoritative Topographic and Cartographic Information System (ATKIS). At first, the government surveying data retrieved from ATKIS is used as additional information to improve remote
  • World facts and figures: an unique, authoritative collection of comparative information about cities, countries and geographic features of the world.
  • The case studies in this book are authoritative analyses of the extent to which applied scientific and economic information can lead to sustained yields of crops and timber from forest lands in Asia and the Pacific. They also contribute to a better
  • an authoritative framework for educators and communicators to frame climate science. However, effective mental models to address misconceptions will need to be integral to the high-quality resources and professional development programs required to significantly