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  • Atlas geográfico de la Argentina y universal
  • Argentina ; Atlas ; World
  • Geography in Argentina
  • Malaria reinfestation on the northern border of Argentina
  • Argentina ; Diffusion ; Epidemic;Disease outbreak ; Health
  • The reinfestation of malaria of northern Argentina is analysed, from the point of view of the trends in incidence during the period 1937-89 and especially the increase after 1970. Control measures are also proposed.
  • Breve resena de la evolucion de la economia argentina in La Argentina : geografia general y los marcos regionales.
  • Transport and regional development in Argentina : structural deficiencies and patterns of network evolution
  • Argentina ; Historical geography ; Regional development ; Transport ; Transport network
  • A geohistorical analysis of Argentina's Northwest from the pre-Columbian period to the present shows that its transport network has worked to the disadvantage of regional development. The focus of Argentina's network on Buenos Aires had
  • La geografia historica en la Argentina: necesidades y perspectivas
  • The State of occupational stratification studies in Argentina: a classificatory scheme
  • El nuevo caracter del capitalismo en la Argentina, respuesta a un critica
  • Aspectos geograficos de las precipitaciones nivales en la Republica Argentina
  • Argentina Geografica Ilustrada. (Géographie illustrée de l'Argentine)
  • Industrial capital and economic development in turn of the century Argentina
  • Argentina ; Capital ; Credit ; Development ; Economic growth ; Economic history ; Industrial structure ; Industry ; Market
  • Argentina's economic development was based on the export of agricultural and pastoral products to western Europe. Although this model generated rapid growth, it failed to develop the institutions and social forces required for a successfull
  • The territorial dimension of manufacturing restructuring : the transformation of places in contemporary Argentina
  • Argentina ; Economic growth ; Industrial decentralization ; Industrial restructuring ; Industry ; Investment ; Regional disparities ; Regional economy
  • Pros and cons of decentralizing manufacturing away from the large capital cities. In Argentina under a 1979 law, the poor province of La Rioja attracted investment which has led to substantial economic growth, but to the detriment of metropolitan
  • Les exportaciones no tradicionales en la Argentina
  • Geografía económica argentina. Temas
  • Argentina ; Economy ; Export
  • L'Argentina degli Italiani
  • Argentina ; Cultural identity ; Emigration ; International migration ; Italians ; Minority
  • Argentina : mitos y realidades
  • Argentina ; Spatial organization
  • Argentina
  • Argentina ; Bibliography
  • Visión geopolítica de la Argentina
  • Argentina ; Geopolitics ; Political geography
  • Recursos minerales de Argentina
  • Argentina ; Extractive industry ; Mining resources ; Natural resources ; Ore
  • Antecedentes de legislación turística en Argentina
  • Argentina ; Legislation ; Tourism
  • Argentina : the geodemographic onctrasts of a Latin American country
  • Argentina ; Demography ; Population ; Settlement ; Settlement history