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  • When migrants rule : the legacy of mass migration on economic development in the United States
  • This article examines the extent to which the settlement pattern of migrants arriving in the United States during the major migration waves of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries left a legacy on the economic development
  • of the counties where newcomers settled and whether this legacy endures today. The results of the analysis underline that the earlier migration waves have left an indelible trace on territories that still determines local economic performance. U.S. counties
  • Legacies of the colonial period have lead to a gulf between private and public sector participants in development. Unless foreign principles can be modified to suit local needs, the economy lacks a foundation for sustained growth. (EMS).
  • John Cabot's legacy in Newfoundland : resource depletion and the resource cycle
  • The editorial legacy of Gladys M. Wrigley
  • Urban redevelopment and grassroots action in Chicago and Sheffield : themes, variations and uncertain legacies
  • Land-use legacies and soil development in semi-natural ecosystems in the marginal uplands of Ireland
  • Defense industry legacies and conversion in the Post-Soviet realm
  • The legacy of Chernobyl' in 1997 : impact on Ukraine and Belarus
  • Legacy databases and GIS : a discussion of the issues illustrated by a case study of archaelogical site data from southeast Alberta, Canada
  • Overcoming the apartheid legacy in Cape Town schools
  • Geopolitics and Empire: the legacy of Halford Mackinder
  • Neoliberalising subjects : the legacy of New Labour's construction of social exclusion in local governance
  • The Blitz and its Legacy : wartime destruction to post-war reconstruction
  • The construction of family values in geopolitical discourse : the ongoing legacy of Adolf Hitler and Britain's ‘supreme emergency’
  • Trading industry clusters amid the legacy of industrial land-use planning in southern California
  • The urban legacies of the Winter games
  • Lessons from the volunteering legacy of the 2002 Commonwealth games
  • The lost legacy of Robert DeCourcy Ward in American geographical climatology
  • The legacy of initial conditions in landscape evolution
  • Righting unrightable wrongs : legacies of racial violence and the Greensboro truth and reconciliation commission