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  • Swedish cadastral mapping 1628-1700 : a neglected legacy
  • Costa rica's frontier legacy
  • Overcoming apartheid's land legacy in Maputaland (Northern Natal)
  • Development vs. empowerment: the gendered legacy of economic restructuring in Latin America
  • The Ordnance Survey-Roy's legacy
  • Utopian landscapes: the legacy of alternative communities
  • Reconstructing a prehistoric topography using legacy point data in a depositional environment
  • The AA. focus on a data-based approach, where knowledge on the geological history is used to interpret and exploit legacy data. As part of a landscape reconstruction of a large area, located in the northwestern part of Sandy Flanders, a map
  • . To map the thickness of Holocene sediments they used 72 (OSL and 14C) dated sediment samples, 731 recent profile descriptions and 3288 legacy profile descriptions. Protocols were formulated based on literature and local correlative studies to convert
  • the legacy profile descriptions into estimates of the thickness of Holocene sediments, with an estimate of the precision. The method of Kriging with uncertain data was applied to obtain a map. Future reconstructions could employ both process knowledge
  • and data by combining landscape genesis models with legacy data to map model errors and thus increase the quality of the reconstruction.
  • Berlin : legacies of division and problems of unification
  • Linnaeus's geographical legacy
  • Japanese geopolitics and its background. What is the real legacy of the past ?
  • The legacy of a Finnish geographer - Leo Aario (1906-1998)
  • A legacy of change : historic human impact on vegetation in the Arizona borderlands
  • Age-specific growth rates : the legacy of past population dynamics
  • Place narratives and heritage management : the modernist legacy in Manchester
  • Ethnicity in Eastern Europe : historical legacies and prospects for cohesion
  • Restructuring the Central and Eastern European automobile industry : legacies, trends, and effects of foreign direct investment
  • Landscape legacies of the African diaspora in Brazil
  • The contribution and legacy of Edward W. Said. Special issue
  • Architectural legacy ; Historic centre ; Inner city ; Rehabilitation ; Spain ; Urban policy
  • Architectural legacy ; Historic centre ; Inner city ; Mexico ; Town plan