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  • Radioisotope clocks in archaeology
  • Quaternary colluvial stratigraphy, archaeological sequences and palaeoenvironment in Swaziland, Southern Africa
  • Grant-aided change in the Boyne valley archaeological park: agricultural grants 1950-1990
  • Agrarian structure ; Archaeology ; Farm ; Ireland ; Modernization ; Rural development ; Rural landscape ; Site preservation ; Village
  • Valley Archaeological Park.
  • 's-Gravenhage in archeologisch perspectief. (The Hague, The Netherlands as seen in an archaeological perspective)
  • This article is one of a series of articles which give an overall picture of the geology and archaeology of the Municipality of The Hague, province of South Holland, The Netherlands. (AIS).
  • First Quaternary fossil record of caecilians from a Mexican archaeological site
  • Archaeology ; Archeological site ; Chiapas ; Mexico ; Palaeo-ecology ; Palaeozoology ; Quaternary
  • A single vertebra from an Early Formative period archaeological site in coastal Chiapas, Mexico, is identified as belonging to the amphibian Dermophis mexicanus. This specimen represents the first Quaternary fossil record for gymnophiones. Its
  • presence suggests the possible role of the species as a bioturbator. Its recovery is further evidence of the utility of fine-grained archaeological recovery techniques.
  • A geomorphic framework for understanding the surface archaeological record in arid environments
  • Archaeology ; Arid area ; Australia ; C 14 dating ; Geoarchaeology ; Geochronology ; Holocene ; Human occupation ; New South Wales ; Palaeo-environment ; Precipitation
  • The AA. propose a framework for the study of surface archaeological deposits in which geomorphic processes in the past that have influenced human behaviour are just as important to understanding the archaeological record as the post- deposition
  • processes that have shaped the record. They illustrate this proposition by describing and analysing the consequences for the surface archaeological record of a single high magnitude rainfall event that occurred in New South Wales. Then, they consider how
  • Archaeology ; California ; Holocene ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeotemperature ; Sea water ; United States
  • The AA. introduce a new method to document water paleotemperature cycles using archaeological specimens. They use developmental trajectories of abalone from dated, stratified archaeological deposits to reconstruct prehistoric seawater temperatures.
  • Morphotectonic and archaeological observations in the eastern Argive Plain (eastern Peloponnese, Greece) and their palaeoseismological implications
  • Archaeology ; Earthquake ; Fault ; Greece ; Quaternary ; Structural geomorphology ; Tectonics
  • , river channels, alluvial cones and fans and slope failures with archaeological evidence of seismic events at the Acropolis along the eastern margin of the Argive Plain in order to obtain an improved understanding of the paleoseismicity of this region.
  • Revealing Myanmar’s past : an anthology of archaeological articles
  • Antiquity ; Archaeology ; Archeological site ; Architecture ; Art ; Burma ; Civilization ; Geohistory ; Middle Ages ; Prehistory ; Value system
  • With 50 articles, archaeology of Burma is sketched from prehistoric time down to the present day.The work is the first compilation of articles that saw publications on various occasions and in different periodicals. - (GL)
  • Doomsday fieldwork, or, how to rescue Gaelic culture ? The salvage paradigm in geography, archaeology, and folklore, 1955-62
  • Agriculture ; Archaeology ; Cultural identity ; Folklore ; Hebrides ; Island ; Scotland ; Social life ; United Kingdom
  • The paper presents a comparative history of field practice across the distinct epistemic traditions of geography, archaeology, and folklore. It follows the intellectual practices of three research teams attempting to rescue Gaelic culture from
  • Holocene driftwood incursion to southwestern Victoria Island, Canadian Arctic archipelago, and its significance to paleoceanography and archaeology
  • Archaeology ; Arctic Region ; C 14 dating ; Canada ; Climatic variation ; Geochronology ; Holocene ; Northwest Territories ; Ocean circulation ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; Victoria Island
  • of it, and comment on its archaeological significance.
  • Late Quaternary sea levels inferred from coastal stratigraphy and archaeology in Israel in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.
  • Amerindians ; Archaeology ; Biography ; Coastal geomorphology ; Louisiana ; Practice of geography ; United States of America
  • As one of his research foci, F. KNIFFEN (1900-1993) fused coastal morphology, geography and archaeology in his efforts to understand the prehistory of Louisiana. - (DWG)
  • Archaeology, geography and time
  • The archaeology of Mesopotamia. From the Old Stone Age to the Persian conquest
  • Recent archaeological findings at the Sterkfontein site
  • Beech bark disease and archaeological crop marks
  • Survey 2: Ideology and power-the archaeological debate
  • Taphonomic analysis and interpretation in North American Pleistocene archaeology
  • Summary and conclusions in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.