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  • The archaeology of Mesopotamia. From the Old Stone Age to the Persian conquest
  • Beech bark disease and archaeological crop marks
  • Survey 2: Ideology and power-the archaeological debate
  • Alexander von Humboldt and the origins of landscape archaeology
  • European towns. Their archaeology and early history
  • Tephrochronology and its applications to problems in new-world archaeology in Tephra studies.
  • Survival of submerged lithic and bronze age artifact sites: a review of case histories in Quaternary coastlines and marine archaeology: Towards the prehistory of land bridges and continental shelves.
  • The author describes the environmental conditions and exposure of prehistoric and archaeologic sites where artifacts have been recovered, dated, and preserved, and others where surveys indicate probable human occupation. It is concluded
  • Measuring changes in the ease of trade with archaeological data: an analysis of coins found at Dura Europus in Syria
  • Radiocarbon dates from archaeological sites in Whitewater Draw, Arizona, place the Sulphur Spring stage of the Cochise Culture between 8000 and 10,000 yr B.P., and possibly back to 10,400 yr B.P. Geoarchaeological investigations of Whitewater Draw