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  • Paleopedology in archeology
  • Africa ; America ; Archeology ; Asia ; Eastern Africa ; Europe ; Human impact ; Land use ; Paleo-environment ; Paleosols ; Stratigraphy
  • This paper is a review of how the study of soils, specifically the principles of pedology and soil geomorphology, have been applied in archeological and geoarcheological research. Examples are drawn from various sources and regions: North America
  • Régészeti adatok a Marcal-medence és a Pannonhalmi-dombsag eloterének felszinfejlodéséhez. (Archeological data for the reconstruction of geomorphic evolution in the Marcal basin and in the foreland of the Pannonhalma Hills)
  • The stratigraphic conditions of archeological localities (mostly along rivers and streams) provide useful information for the chronology of local or regional relief evolution. (DLO).
  • Jardedlisfraedi og Fornminjaleit. (Geophysics and archeology)
  • Paleolithic archeology and the paleogeographical study of loess-paleosol sequences in Eastern Europe
  • Archaeology ; Archeological site ; European part of Russia ; Loess ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeolithic ; Palaeosol ; Quaternary ; Russia
  • Archeology and Quaternary environment in the interior of southern Africa in Southern African prehistory and paleoenvironments.
  • The study focuses on four categories of data that each represent a coherent set of interrelated archeological and paleoenvironmental issues| a) the australopithecine breccias of the Transvaal and northern Cape| b) the valleys of the lower Vaal River
  • . An understanding of this ongoing process is important for local archeology, since modern bones are migrating into archeological contexts. A regional approach to taphonomy is the most appropriate instrument to solve this and other related problems.
  • Changes in the rural landscape of Poland till 1200 in the light of archeological research. Summary
  • Recent maritime archeological research in Israel
  • A reported early-man site adjacent to southern Alaska's continental shelf: a geologic solution to an archeologic enigma
  • An extensive ancient archeologic site containing lithic artifacts and associated with mammoth remains was reported at Chinitna Bay, southern Alaska in 1943. The presence of such a site adjacent to the continental shelf at the base of the rugged
  • Depositional environments and archeological site in the Cypress Hills, southeastern Alberta
  • Alberta ; Archaeology ; Archeological site ; Canada ; Channel ; Geoarchaeology ; Holocene ; Meltwater ; Palaeo-environment ; Sedimentation ; Sedimentology
  • Archeological site ; Archeology ; Belgium ; Luxembourg ; Regional planning ; Site preservation;Site conservation ; Wallonie
  • Archeological site ; Czechoslovakia ; Historic map;Old chart ; Moravia ; Palaeolithic ; Prehistory
  • So far we know two Upper Paleolitic maps of the Kiew territory in Ukraine. The third map discovered in Pavlov (South Moravia) in 1962 is the oldest with archeological dating 25 000-27 000 B.C. (Pavlovien). Drawing of this sketch of map
  • Plant macrofossils and their significance in Quaternary paleoecology. Part III : Applications : Late glacial, postglacial and archeological deposits
  • Desertifikation der Sahara in der Vorzeit? Prähistorisch-archäologische Erkenntnisquellen. (Did desertification occur in the Sahara during prehistoric times? Archeologic and prehistoric evidences)
  • Geologic evidence for age of deposits at Hueyatlaco archeological site, Valsequillo, Mexico
  • Early and middle holocene soils at the Lubbock lake archeological site, Texas
  • A high stand of the Dead Sea at the end of the Neolithic period : paleoclimatic and archeological implications
  • Archaeology ; Archeological site ; Buddhism ; Burma ; Geohistory
  • Archeological site ; Palaeo-environment ; Prehistory ; Quaternary ; Sedimentology ; Spain ; Stratigraphy
  • Zoltan Zelko's book on the mystery of the Nazca lineaments is criticized on cartographic and historic-archeological basis. (DLO).