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  • Arc insulaire ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphologie structurale ; Morphotectonique ; Niveau marin ; Soulèvement ; Tectonique ; Tectonique de plaques
  • axis (in the South Atlantic).
  • Mesozoic complementary crust in the North Atlantic
  • Proterozoic of the North Atlantic in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Major change in Atlantic deep and bottom waters 700,000 yr ago: benthonic foraminiferal evidence from the South Atlantic
  • Analysis of the benthonic foraminiferal faunas in two sediment cores recovered from the Vema and Hunter Channels in the western South Atlantic shows that the level of the transition between deep and bottom waters shallowed sharply about 700,000 yr
  • ago. This rise indicates a sharp, sustained increase in the volume of bottom water flowing through the South Atlantic after this time. Prior to about 700,000 yr ago, the amount of Antarctic Bottom Water entering the western South Atlantic was greatly
  • reduced and Circumpolar Deep Water apparently accounted for the bulk of northward flow. Production of southward-flowing North Atlantic Deep Water seems not to have been affected. The timing of this change in circulation regime suggests a possible causal
  • On the deep general circulation in the Western North Atlantic
  • Freshwater diatom influx in intertropical Atlantic : relationships with continental records from Africa
  • This tentative approach shows that freshwater diatoms in Atlantic cores may be a good tool for reconstructing paleoclimates and for establishing continent-ocean correlations if species analyses are made and if the continental distribution
  • Basalt magma sources during the opening of the North Atlantic
  • The mantle that supplied basalts to the North Atlantic Tertiary province at the time of continental breakup was isotopically similar to the present-day sub-oceanic mantle. There is no evidence for undepleted source regions beneath the continent
  • Plate kinematic implications of Atlantic Equatorial fracture zone trends
  • We present a plate kinematic evolution of the South Atlantic which is based largely on the determination of the equatorial fracture zone trends between the African and South American continental margins. Four main opening phases are dated by oceanic
  • magnetic anomalies, notably MO, A34 and A13, and are correlated with volcanism and tectonic events on land around the South Atlantic Ocean. The Ceara and Sierra Leone rises are probably of oceanic origin and were created 80m.y. ago or later in their present
  • Bau der Lithosphäre in der Ubergangszone von der Mitteleuropäischen Senke zum Atlantischen Ozean. (Structure of the lithosphère in the transition zone between the Central-European depression and Atlantic Ocean)
  • Geodynamical processes and interrelations between the opening of the Atlantic ocean, the development of transition zone and the Central-European depression are analyzed by means of investigations of the transition zone between the Central-European
  • depression and the Atlantic ocean. A scheme of the depths of the asthenospere-lithospere border is discussed. (HL).
  • Comparison between satellite and ship measurements of sea surface temperature in the north-east Atlantic Ocean in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Mesoscale variability of sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic in Special issue : Applications of AVHRR data.
  • Climatic zonality and recent sedimentation on the Atlantic shelf of South America
  • The development of the Archaen gneiss complex of the North Atlantic region in Evolution of the Earth's crust.
  • Ecology of the benthic communities of the deep North East Atlantic
  • Magnetism of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge crest near 37N from FAMOUS and DSDP results: a review
  • Alteration, fractional crystallization, partial melting, mantle properties from trae elements in basalts recovered in the North Atlantic
  • Evidence for variability of magmatic processes and upper mantle heterogeneity in the axial region of the mid-atlantic ridge near 22 and 36 N
  • Atlantic-type continental margins: distinction of two basic structural types
  • The Relationship between bathymetry and Gravity in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Near-bottom magnetic anomalies asymmetric spreading, oblique spreading and tectonics of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge near lat. 37N