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  • Variations in the substitutability of energy and nonenergy inputs: the case of the Middle Atlantic Region
  • Elasticité ; Energie ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Industrie ; Middle Atlantic States
  • Political geography of contemporary events: unfinished business in the South Atlantic
  • Policy issues of control, dependency and intervention in the North Atlantic fishery
  • Human geography as a generalizing social science: trans-atlantic contrasts in local government
  • Maritim-klimatologische, meteorologische und praktische Aspekte der optimalen Routenwahl in der nordatlantischen Seeschiffahrt. (Maritime-climatological, meteorological, and practical aspects of optimum ship's routing in North Atlantic navigation)
  • A one ocean fleet : the Atlantic and Canadian naval policy in Le Canada militaire.
  • Dynamic and spatial welfare changes from the impact of menhaden fishery conservation plans on the US Atlantic coast
  • Self-determination for small islanders : Britain's handling of the right of Falklanders, Diego Garcians and Banabans in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans
  • Partial reprint of an article written by an American political geographer still alive in 1990 and first published in 1953 on the North Atlantic orientation of the USA in the post-World War II era. - (DWG)
  • (1967) ; Aire de loisirs ; Demande sociale ; Etats-Unis ; Fréquentation ; Géographie humaine ; Loisir ; Loisirs de plein air ; Middle Atlantic States ; Modèle économique ; Parc national
  • Surrounding larger neighbors and the Atlantic Coast neighbor gradient
  • The wild canary bird of the Atlantic islands has been selected within the past 500 years for the richness of its song and physical appearance. The Harz Mountains of Germany became renowned for the development of fine singers| Great Britain
  • The geographical structure of marine goods traffic has been modified, its centre of gravity has shifted, as a result of the predominant role of oil transport, from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. (CK).
  • Campagne ; Espace rural ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Middle Atlantic States ; New England ; North East ; Parc naturel ; Pauvreté ; Planification régionale ; Politique foncière ; Règlement d'urbanisme ; Utilisation du sol ; Zonage
  • Contrôle ; East South Central States ; Economie spatiale ; Entreprise ; Etats-Unis ; Firme ; Géographie humaine ; Localisation ; Pouvoir économique, mesure ; Siège ; South Atlantic States ; Sunbelt ; Taille des villes ; West South Central States