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  • Land/ocean correlations during the last interglacial/glacial transition, Baffin Bay, northwestern North Atlantic : a review
  • Evidence from terrestrial sections, ice cores, and marine cores are reviewed and used to develop a scenario for environmental change in the area of the extreme northwest North Atlantic during marine isotope stages 5 and 4.
  • The observations of biological indicators of the water masses (during the cruise of s/y Gedania around Spitsbergen in 1981) connected with surface currents system are included in these papers. The hypothesis is made, that Atlantic water renewals
  • in the South Spitsbergen area have 2-3 years period. Some selected of South Spitsbergen sea waters are represented: transformation of the South Cape Current, Atlantic Water renewals into fjords of the west coast and problem of Winter Cooled Brepollen Water