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  • Atlantic islanders of the Azores and Madeiras.
  • Iceland and the north Atlantic: a review
  • A che cosa serve l'Atlante dell'ENEL?
  • C. r. de Tinacci Mosello (M.): Atlante delle caratteristiche territoriali primarie delle coste italiane (Roma, ENEL, 1973, 51p.). Analyse critique de ce que la société électrique d'Etat a mis en oeuvre pour trouver des aires qui se prêtent à
  • La prévision de l'érosion en Europe Atlantique: le cas de la zone limoneuse de Belgique. (Soil-loss prediction in Atlantic Europe. The example of the loamy region in Central Belgium)
  • and management factor used in the USA are quite inadequate in Atlantic Europe. A modified version is proposed. (LW).
  • Causes of late-Atlantic swamp-forest submergence in the central Rhine/Meuse delta in Climatic changes on a yearly to millennial basis.
  • It is argued that the late-Atlantic phase of swamp-forest submergence in the central part of the Rhine/Meuse delta has no direct paleo-climatic significance. The principle cause was adjustment of the river gradient induced by the seaward
  • Atlante della provincia di Varese.
  • Storia d'Italia. Vol. VI. Atlante
  • Atlante storico della Puglia. 1. La provincia di Foggia.
  • Résultats du North Atlantic Seismic Project soviétique. Il est démontré que la croûte océanique est épaisse sous l'Islande. (J. C. Bodéré).
  • of the Singraven Formation, and a Late Boreal/Early Atlantic phase. (AIS).
  • Extreme daily precipitation during the period 1901-1980 Czech lands had relatively more sites with extreme totals than Slovakia. They prevailed during summer varying due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. (MS).
  • The pollen analysis of a boring, completed with four C dates, shows the evolution of the landscape since the end of the Atlantic period. The formation of the peat dated 5445120 B.P. gives evidence for a stopping of the flandrian transgression
  • Investigations in the coastal plain yielded new data regarding the stratigraphy of the marine Holocene and the evolution of the plain during the Atlantic and Subboreal periods. Formerly it was accepted that the Calais sediments were deposited during
  • Starting from the economic importance and ecologic leading of the Baltic Sea at first a hydrographic characterization of the relative shallow border-sea of the Atlantic Ocean is given. Explained in detail are further at the actual tasks
  • Geomorphology and sedimentology. Description of the river from Pleistocene over Younger Dryas, Preboreal, Atlantic up to historical times (13th century). Influence tidal activity, dikes systems, sea level and inundations. (LW).
  • (1954-1982) ; Atlantic Shipbuilding Co. ; Commerce international ; Concurrence ; Construction navale ; Entreprise ; Fermeture d'usine ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Industrie ; Localisation industrielle ; Port ; Relocalisation industrielle
  • volume united with strong evapotranspiration lead to abnormally high water shortages. It is pointed out that this climatic situation is linked up with great changes in the general circulation of the atmosphere over the nearby Atlantic and Europe. Having
  • , especially at the Atlantic optimum, frequent forest fires and human activity over recent decades.
  • by the mountains and the great distances from any source of air humidity. Localized thawing of the permafrost gives rise to a characteristic alas relief. The most active period of alas formation would appear to have been the Atlantic climatic optimum, while
  • After the deposit of Würmian alluvium (lower terrace of 15-20 m), one can distinguish two phases of in cutting during the Late Glacial followed by a period of alluviation which stops during the Atlantic. Then, the Allier river hollows her present