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  • The role of the North Atlantic Ocean in rapid glacial growth in Evolution des atmosphères planétaires et climatologie de la terre=Evolution of planetary atmospheres and climatology of the earth.
  • ... During periods of rapid ice accretion, high latitude North Atlantic surface waters remain warm while summer insolation decreases. This lag effect has been documented for the isotopic 5a/4transition. Thus an open moisture source exists adjacent
  • The historical ships reports of sea-surface temperatures have been examined to determine their mean variations in space and time. This study has been done for several regions of the Global Ocean: North Atlantic Ocean (20-40N| 50-60W), East
  • Equatorial Atlantic Ocean, Arabian Sea, Western Mediterranean Sea. It appears that the long term sea-surface temperature variations in the different regions are similar and that they show an increase up to 1950-1960.
  • distinguished otherwise, on the basis of different data, in Europe and in the northern hemisphere. Some discrepancies might be due to the particular location of the site at the confluence of mediterranean, atlantic and continental influences (latitude 4303 north
  • The consideration of the heat and mechanical energy, water and salt budgets of the Mediterranean enables us to suggest a physical model of the transports of this sea, which is subject to the climate and to the Atlantic boundary conditions