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  • Jardhitinn sem orkulind. (Geothermal energy)
  • Rannsoknir a hahitasvaedinu i Kroflu. (Investigation on the Krafla high-temperature geothermal field)
  • Jardhiti, grunnvatn og varmi. (Geothermal systems, groundwater and heat)
  • Jardhitaleit of rannsokn jardhitasvaeda med jardedlisfraedilegri konnun. (Geophysical methods uses in geothermal exploration)
  • Jardefnafraeti og jardhitarannsoknir. (Geochemistry and geothermal investigations)
  • Characteristics and effects of geothermal resources exploitation in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.
  • Geothermal energy in California: policies to improve the economic impact of energy resource development
  • Exploration and development of the Krafla geothermal area
  • Description d'un champ géothermal de 15 km2 à température élevée de la zone néovolcanique nord-est de l'Islande. L'activité volcanique du Krafla est épisodique| elle survient tous les 250-1000 ans, la dernière manifestation ayant démarré en 1975. Il
  • Upper crust boudinage during post-collisional Miocene extension in Tuscany : insights from the southern part of the Larderello geothermal area (Northern Apennines, Italy)
  • Carbonate rock ; Cenozoic ; Fault ; Geothermics ; Italy ; Regional geology ; Stratigraphy ; Tectonics ; Toscana
  • A geological study carried out in the southern part of the Larderello geothermal area provides new information on the development mechanism and timing of the earlier extensional structures that formed during the Miocene post-collisional tectonics
  • Interpretation of geothermal profiles perturbed by topography : the alpine permafrost boreholes at Stockhorn Plateau, Switzerland
  • Alps (The) ; Climatic variability ; Cold area ; Conceptual model ; Geothermics ; Global change ; Mountain ; Permafrost ; Soil temperature ; Switzerland ; Temperature ; Topography
  • with emphasis on the clearly-visible effect of topography on the temperature profile. A conceptual framework for the interpretation of permafrost geothermal data below complex topography and the modelling of temperature histories based on these data is also
  • Geochemistry and isotope hydrogeology of the Mount Edziza-Mess Creek geothermal area
  • Planning for the development of site-specific resources : the example of geothermal energy
  • Geothermal flux through palagonitized tephra, Surtsey, Iceland The Surtsey temperature-data-relay experiment vie Landsat-1
  • Geothermal reservoir simulation. 2. Numerical solution techniques for liquid-and vapor-dominated hydrothermal systems
  • Chemical monitoring of jokulhlaup water in Skeidara and the geothermal system in Grimsvotn, Iceland
  • Borun aftir jardhita og rannsoknir a borholum. (Geothermal drilling and investigations of wells)
  • Uppleyst efni i jardhitavatni og ummyndun. (Dissolved constituents in geothermal waters and mineralogical alteration)
  • Jardhitarannsoknir a laghitasvaedum i grennd vid Akureyri. (Investigations of low temperature geothermal fields near Akureyri)
  • The Los Azufres, Michoacan, Mexico, geothermal field in Hydrogeothermal studies. 26th International geological congress.
  • Jardhiti i sjo og flaedarmali vid Island Geothermal activity in the tidal zone and below sea level around Iceland