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  • The seasonally varying monsoon circulations associated with the annual heating and cooling of the Asian continent are the most important large-scale aspects of the general circulation of the atmosphere. The Indian summer monsoon affects the lives
  • The data were obtained on runoff ploto (100 m2) and from the outlet of the V. Spanilor hydrographic basin (206 ha) lying in the northwest of the Transylvanian Plateau. The value of annual erosion varies between 0.39 t. ha-1 and 11.0 t. ha-1
  • The early and late Wisconsin maxima were times of prolonged annual sea-ice cover and a short cool period of phytoplankton productivity during the ice-free season. The middle Wisconsin interstade, at least in the southern Bering Sea, had greater
  • seasonal contrast than today, with some winter sea-ice cover, an intensified temperature minimum, and high spring productivity. Variations in clastic and reworked fossil material imply varying degrees of transport to the basin by Alaskan rivers.
  • . The annual recruitment of mature individuals in the population varies greatly from year to year, in conjunction with the yearly variation in rainfall, and 3. that the life-expectancy of this toad can reach six years. Such an heterogeneous age-structure can
  • Character and rate of denudation at platformian plains are discussed. Geological and geomorphological methods are used to estimate the annual denudation rate which varied from 0,001 to 0,01 mm during Middle Miocene Quaternary. The erosion rate
  • A model has been built to simulate runoff and erosion on slopes of varying form with soil of varying hydraulic conductivity, porosity, storage capacity, and particle size distribution. The model takes into account spatially dependent random
  • Rainfall generation: a nonstationary time-varying multidimensional model
  • Soil development on sandstone solifluction deposits with varying contents of loess materials
  • Soil profile development in sands of varying age in Vendyssel, Denmark
  • L'albedo reste constant au-dessus du désert et des nuages bas ou élevés, mais varie au-dessus de l'océan. Le rayonnement infrarouge est constant au-dessus de l'océan et des nuages bas mais varie au-dessus du désert durant le jour à cause de
  • The autumn diet of the Rock Partridge is described, based on 114 crop contents collected between 1981 and 1983. The diet varied from one year to the next, apparently depending on the amount of rainfall in autumn which influences the availability
  • of food. Altitude also play a role| the diet was more varied at middle elevations (1000-1900 m) than higher up (1900-2600 m), reflecting the higher plant species richness at middle altitudes.
  • Salt weathering of rock specimens of varying shape
  • Wild is beautiful. (Introduction to the magnificient, rich and varied fauna and Wildlife of Nepal). A compendium during Trekking and visiting Wildlife Observatories.
  • This study uses data obtained, during four years, from a rill erosion survey on 86 fields, varying in slope and length and selected in the area around Leuven.
  • of the system rendered it stable against collapse by meltback of channel roofs into a tunnel-dominated system. The system appears to have adjusted to varying discharges by a combination of varying water pressure and changing the total cross-sectional area
  • développement des stations thermales et la demande accrue en eau minérale demandent une meilleure connaissance des structures des sources et des infrastructures d'exploitation adaptées. Exemples de Karlovy Vary Spa et Jachymov Spa en Bohème occidentale
  • . Problèmes spécifiques de Karlovy Vary Spa (en région fortement urbanisée) et de Jachymov Spa (source thermale radioactive, au coeur d'un gisement d'uranium).
  • L'âge absolu des zircons provenant des kimberlites de Haramaj en Iakoutie varie entre 236 et 290 millions d'années.
  • Investigations in east Shropshire show that rill erosion is significant on arable soils, but its importance varies spatially and temporally. It is intimately related to agricultural operations. The AA. examine the relationship between soil
  • La forme du chenal le long d'un petit affluent de la rivière au Saumon (Québec) varie en fonction des propriétés des racines des végétaux qui bordent les berges.
  • Sur le glacis Nitinal (large de l'île Vancouver), la distribution verticale de la matière en suspension varie selon les reliefs. (JRV).