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  • of the differences of plant physiology and environment conditions, temperature sensitivity of soil respiration (Q10) varied among vegetation types. The seasonal variation of Q10 was primarily driven by soil temperature while soil moisture had little influence
  • on the dynamic for each site based on annual scales. However, due to the complicated relation between soil properties and SR, Q10 value derived from diurnal and seasonal patterns of SR should be used with extreme caution when estimating carbon balance
  • stand state, sedimentary environmental evolution, and winter monsoon change. The results showed that the elements and the ratios varied regularly with the grain size. The ratio of Rb/Sr in the fraction
  • and afforestation time on soil carbon sequestration and physicochemical characteristics. It is highlighted that the effects of afforestation varied with plant species and afforestation time. Soil carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus depletion rates were higher