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  • vary for a number of reasons. Studies of rock mulch soils indicate enhanced fertility, with elevated organic carbon, nitrogen, and available phosphorus levels, increased infiltration rates and moisture retention, and no evidence of compaction
  • . By contrast, cultivation effects vary widely for terraced soils. Although numerous studies have focused on irrigation canals, irrigated soils have received far less attention. Soil studies of irrigation systems along the Gila and Santa Cruz rivers of Arizona
  • This paper focuses on the elemental chemistry of sediments at 2 archaeology sites, Chunchucmil, Mexico, and Kinet, Turkey. The aim of this study is to understand how certain elements correlate with each other and vary by space and time at different
  • of a site, and if so, is this in a systematic way or does it vary geographically? And, are these chemical signatures of human activity hidden or highlighted by different ICP methods? The analyses revealed detectable differences between natural