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  • Arctic Region ; Climatic change ; Digital elevation model ; Glacial features ; Glacier retreat ; Moraine ; Photointerpretation ; Svalbard
  • Ragnarbreen is a small glacier located in the central part of Spitsbergen Island. Glacier recession and landforms' development in the foreland of Ragnarbreen are quantified using time-series orthophotos and digital elevation models, which were
  • are observed in northern Greece. Since several highlands of Greece have uplifted, the mean elevations of these cirques have increased in time. In northern Greece the cirques are wider, longer and deeper. The vast majority of cirques are facing towards
  • Large-scale rock slope failures (RSFs) are particularly found in 3 topographic settings in the Eastern Pyrenees : at cirque and trough-head thresholds (transition zones of elevated instability between cirque and main glaciated trough walls); near