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  • American geomorphology at the dawn of the 20th century
  • Aeolian features ; American school ; Concept ; Erosion cycle ; Fluvial processes ; Geomorphology ; Orogeny ; Structural geomorphology ; United States of America ; Years 1900-09
  • to the Davisian cycle of erosion; on elements of structure, which the Davisian system assumed as given; and on selected processes, which the Davisian system largely ignored. It concludes with an assessment of the emergence of a distinctively American school
  • American school ; Epistemology ; Geographic school ; Geography ; Ideology ; Practice of geography ; Soviet school ; Teaching of geography
  • Questions and responses from 13 American geographers and 40 cohorts from the ex-Soviet Union on the following themes : the essence of geography as a discipline ; geographic education ; the relevance of geography ; and geographical approaches
  • to contemporary global problems. American opinions in this book were more diverse and wide-ranging than those of the Russians, reflecting decentralized influences and greater ideological diversity. - (DWG)
  • Discovering innovative currilar models for school geography
  • Comments from a leading American teacher of secondary-school geography on what must be done to give geography a new definition as a school subject. A. asserts that geography's image must change, and its content and pedagogy must also be modified
  • Jesse Olney's innovative geography text of 1828 for common schools
  • Nineteenth Century ; Practical work ; School textbook ; Teaching of geography ; United States of America
  • Olney's geography book for American schools began, not with the solar system, but an exercise on local geography. A. elucidates the positive and negative aspects of this classroom text which went through 18 editions and sold millions of copies
  • Local control and financing of education: a perspective from the American state judiciary
  • Cultural studies ; Decision ; Education ; Finance ; Local administration ; School system ; State control ; Teaching ; United States
  • Local control of education in the United States today is more myth than reality. The American judiciary continues to justify its decisions concerning educational governance on the grounds of local control. Most states fund education through
  • a combuination of local, state and Federal taxes. The A. analyzes the state court decisions involving local control in school financing, with the intent of developing a more comprehensive interpretation of how local control arguments are used as justification
  • Donald W. Meinig. Shaping American geography
  • American school ; Architecture ; Cultural landscape ; Geopolitics ; History of geography ; Practice of geography ; Twentieth Century ; United States of America
  • Donald Meinig has enlived American historical and cultural geography for more than fifty years. This special issue is in recognition of his impact on the field. The contributors reflect both D. Meinig's depth and breadth, his insatiable curiosity
  • Some international reflections on American geography on the occasion of the centenary of the Association of American Geographers. Special issue
  • American school ; Epistemology ; Geographic school ; Geographical thought ; History of geography ; Human geography ; Impact ; Practice of geography ; Société de géographie
  • American school ; Geographic school ; Historical geography ; History ; United States
  • Geography education in West German high schools : do four years make a difference?
  • Description of the geography program in secondary schools in West Berlin FRG where students receive much more exposure to the subject than in the USA. Geography teachers are better trained than their American counterparts, but problems of geography
  • A demonstration lesson in American history and geography in which secondary school students play roles on Lewis and Clark's exploration of that part of the American West purchased from France in 1803. - (DWG)
  • American school ; Biography ; Cultural geography ; Cultural studies ; History of geography
  • The Spanish American Homeland : four centuries in New Mexico's Rio Arriba. - (SLD)
  • William H. Tillinghast, John K. Wright, and some antecedents of American humanistic
  • American school ; History of geography ; Human geography ; Humanistic geography ; Nineteenth Century ; United States of America
  • American school ; Concept ; Epistemology ; Geography ; History of sciences ; Impact ; Nineteenth Century ; Polar region ; Scientific expedition ; Theory ; United States of America
  • it in the context of early 19th century American science. This provides a context for considering the influence that Symmes and his theory had on American science and culture.
  • Cutting through topologies : crossing lines at the School of the Americas
  • This School (SOA) is a U.S. Army school that trains Latin American military officers. Graduates have been linked to human rights abuses. The annual vigil in front of Fort Benning is the largest ongoing protest and civil disobedience against U.S
  • American school ; Geographic school ; History of geography ; Quantitative geography ; Spatial analysis ; Twentieth Century ; United States ; Urban geography
  • American school ; Geographic school ; Practice of geography ; Société de géographie ; Twentieth Century ; United States of America
  • and 1998-99. Examining all 115 presidential addresses, she looks for what is American about american geography and what is Pacific about Pacific Coast geography. A. covers a wealth of detail in pointing out the similarities and differences among
  • American school ; Bibliographic analysis ; Demography ; Research ; Scientific publication
  • American school ; Location ; Modelling ; Research ; Spatial analysis ; Theory
  • American school ; Biography ; History of geography ; Human geography