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  • Daniel Faucher was trained in the Institut de Géographie Alpine in Grenoble, and worked in a provincial teacher-training college for over a decade. His doctoral thesis, written withencouragement from Raoul Blanchard, was a comprehensive regional
  • in south-western France. His holistic vision of geography and his belief that knowledge of the past helped understand the present and might be of value in shaping the future were inseparable from his commitment to the cause of regional development
  • André Cholley was educated in the city of Lyon where he was taught by Emmanuel de Martonne. Cholley’s doctoral work on the Pre-Alps of Savoy embraced Vidalian regional geography and a Davisian approach to landscape analysis. Appointed
  • in the field. His teaching career at the University of Paris lasted for a quarter of a century, focusing initially on North Africa and then on geomorphology, with increasing emphasis on arid regions, desertification and development studies. Jean Dresch directed
  • as that of an educator and, like Demangeon, wrote useful texts for students, teachers and pupils at various stages of education. As a professor he was clear and comprehensive, displaying his belief in the unity of geography (physical, regional and cartographic), but he