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  • Influence du système de communication sur le développement socio-économique et l'organisation de la région de Lika
  • The papers deals with the geographical and geo-communication position of Lika with the basical development phases of the communication system in the region and its spatially and temporaly differentiated influence on the social-economic development
  • and organization of the Lika region in the period from 1961 to 1991. On that basis the features of the future spatial influence of the communication are presented connected with the actual administrative-territorial constitution and the forth-coming construction
  • of the motorway through the investigated region.
  • 1993
  • Croatia ; Harbour ; Harbour traffic ; International trade ; Regional development ; Urban site
  • 1993
  • The paper discusses the influence of traffic on the development of agrarian regions, giving Hrvatsko Zagorje as an example. In the first place it covers commuting and growth of the population, including socio-economic transformations of settlements
  • 1993
  • Getting cargo into the particular port depends mainly on its modern port facilities. The quality of infrastructure in the region and Slovenia, the quantity of the appropriate areas for the extension of the port and the presence of different services
  • 1993
  • to the conception and planning of the development of a motorway traffic system. In Croatia the task is more complex as the inclusion of the surrounding regions has to be considered, which, with Croatia, make a unique traffic area.
  • 1993
  • Austria ; Communication network ; Danube ; Europe ; History ; Hungary ; International relations ; Railway ; Railway network ; Regional economy ; Romania ; Transport ; Transportation geography ; Yougoslavia
  • 1993