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  • The geography of international strategic alliances in the telecommunications industry : the cases of Cable and Wireless, Ericsson, and Fujitsu
  • Strategic alliances are seen as an attempt by capital to cope with turbulent market conditions brought about by technical and regulatory change, and are part of a wider corporate and industrial restructuring process.
  • Implications of strategic alliances for small RandD-intensive firms
  • Etude des effets induits des alliances stratégiques internationales sur la compétitivité des petites entreprises canadiennes. Rôle du gouvernement dans la promotion de ces alliances. Identification des facteurs qui affectent les bénéfices, les coûts
  • Globalisation, territory and strategic alliances in different financial centres
  • The paper begins with a sceptical assessment of globalisation and asks whether a globalised economy is really an internationalised one. It addresses an aspect of global finance, the national impetus given to alliances between markets in major cities
  • Flexible integration, scope economies, and strategic alliances : social and spatial mediations
  • The role of strategic alliances in the international organization of industry
  • Etude des motivations qui poussent les entreprises à nouer des alliances stratégiques sur le marché international, compte tenu de la restructuration économique. L'A. fait appel aux théories des coûts de transaction et de la subordination aux
  • Neue Entwicklungstendenzen im Weltluftverkehr. Hub Airports, Strategic Alliances, Low-Cost Carriers
  • Les nouvelles tendances d’évolution dans le transport aérien mondial : hubs aéroportuaires, alliances stratégiques, marché des Low-Cost
  • Shared service models in Australian local government : the fragmentation of the New England strategic alliance 5 years on : Rural governance
  • Les AA. analysent les modèles de partage de services au niveau des gouvernements locaux australiens et l'éclatement de l'Alliance Stratégique de la Nouvelle-Angleterre cinq ans après sa création. Ils démontrent, à travers les entretiens menés avec
  • Global, regional, and national-level forces are shaping East Asian television broadcasting industries. Global and regional forces are becoming more important than national factors. Global media firms are forming strategic alliances with other media
  • are analysed, including the impact of the floor crossing legislation. The paper highlights the critical elements of the new politics of multiplicity, difference and identity, and strategic alliances. - (AJC)
  • This paper gives consideration to the formation and initial operation of new alliances for territorial development at the meso spatial scale of the ‘Pays’ in France and Belgium (case study experiences from the Champagne-Ardenne region and Wallonia
  • . The paper concludes with a critical assessment of the ‘Pays’ approach as a meaningful contribution to rescaling territorial development at the meso scale with particular reference to concerns around the interaction between strategic planning and multiple
  • sector. This has led to policy capture, which can result in substantial welfare losses. Korea suggests that the maturation of auto assembly may proceed faster if governments confine themselves to promoting domestic assemblers through strategic alliances
  • Strategic planning in London: the rise and fall of the primary road network
  • Strategic planning for oil and gas related development
  • Strategic planning and the area development projects of the Scottish development agency
  • Le stratège et l'espace: une approche militaire
  • the ‘worst-case scenario’? Strategic conflicts and realignments of the feminist movement in the context of the 2006 Nicaraguan elections ; 3-Love, family values and reconciliation for all, but what about rights, justice and citizenship for women? The FSLN
  • , the women's movement, and violence against women in Nicaragua ; 4-Indigenous, mestizo and Afro-descendent women against violence : building interethnic alliances in the context of regional autonomy ; 5-Organising the hombre nuevo gay : LGBT politics
  • Backpacker tourism in South Africa : challenges and strategic opportunities
  • Several countries recognise the developmental benefits of encouraging backpacker tourism. This paper contributes towards strategic policy development for backpacker tourism in South Africa. The findings of a consumer survey of 292 international
  • backpackers point to six key issues for strategic intervention : marketing, limites holidays jobs, lack of information, poor offerings, poor public transport and underdevelopment of domestic backpacking. - (AJC)
  • The strategic transition of spatial distribution in China's urbanization and the measures concerned
  • Assessing readiness for economic development strategic planning : a community case study in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • The strategic strait with special reference to the Malacca Straits