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  • Market-area analysis with a rectangular grid network
  • The combined equilibrium of travel networks and residentiel location markets
  • The combined user equilibrium of travel networks and residential location markets is shown to exist and to be unique in the expected allocation of household to residential locations and to the routes and links of the network, in the vacancies
  • and suits of residential locations and in the congested travel time and cost of each network link. The stability of the unique equilibrium position is briefly discussed, a computational algorithm is proposed and hints for generalized formulations
  • Graph theory and conceptual networks in human geography
  • This research note introduces network analysis (graph theory) as a method which can be used to analyse the morphology of systems of interconnected concepts in geography, and to determine the centrality of concepts. The possibilities of graph theory
  • are investigated in a study of the chrono-geographic space-time language in Times, spaces and places by Parkes and Thrift. This study is based on two levels of analysis: first the level of the whole network of 351 concepts and 651 relationships: and secondly
  • The random topology model of channel networks : bias in statistical tests
  • A Bibliography of theoretical and empirical studies of cellular networks in human geography
  • Landsat as an aid in evaluating the adequacy of a grain silo network
  • Network evacuation modelling for flooding as a result of dam failure in Special issue on quantitative methods and policy analysis.
  • On determining distances through stream networks
  • Networks of relations among set of geographical journals
  • China's railway network.
  • Stream networks and digital cartography
  • Mapping potential evapotranspiration: the smooth interpolation of isolines with a low density station network
  • A branch-and-bound/flow-equilibrium algorithm for the approximate solution of total cost minimization problems in traffic networks
  • Systematic selection of very important points (VIP) from digital terrain model (DTM) for constructing triangular irregular networks (TIN) in Geographic information system development in China.
  • The analytic network process in energy policy planning in The analytic hierarchy process.
  • Christallerian network in the Loschian economic landscape
  • Locational decisions on stochastic networks
  • The statistical analysis through a computational method of a distribution of points in relation to its surrounding network
  • The maximum capture or sphere of influence location problem: hotelling revisited on a network
  • Regular density network and its application in geographic studies