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  • Barcelona ; Cataluña ; Climat ; Espagne ; Hiver ; Impact ; Mortalité ; Pression atmosphérique ; Température de l'air
  • Air temperature ; Atmospheric pressure ; Barcelona ; Catalonia ; Climate ; Impact ; Mortality ; Spain ; Winter
  • The aim of this study is a better knowledge of the influences of temperature and pressure on the mortality in Barcelona during the cold months (November-March). Significant negative correlations can be found between temperatures and mortality (total
  • Les changements de la température à la surface de la mer Baltique dans la région de la baie et de la fosse de Gdańsk et leurs relations avec la température de l'air (1871-1992)
  • Atlantique ; Baie ; Baltique mer ; Corrélation ; Fosse océanique ; Siècle 20 ; Température ; Température de l'air ; Température de l'eau ; Température de surface ; Variation saisonnière
  • Air temperature ; Atlantic Ocean ; Baltic Sea ; Bay ; Correlation ; Seasonal variation ; Surface temperature ; Temperature ; Trench ; Twentieth Century ; Water temperature
  • , Woodruff et al. 1987). This sea area covers the Bay of Gdańsk and the area of South-East Baltic (Gdańsk Deep and S part of Gotland Deep) adjacent to it in the north. The analysis of correlation between the SST and the temperature of air made use of a series
  • of monthly air temperatures measured at the stations in Stockholm and Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz (Mietus, 1998). This analysis indicates that the increase in the SST in the said sea area in the 20th century may be estimated around the values of 0.6 - 1.2°C (+0.9 (+-0.3
  • )°C). The greatest increase in the SST occurs in the months in which the influence of radiation factor on the thermal balance of this area is not very significant. The influence of the circulation factor may be accountable for the changes in the SST
  • . The increase in the frequency and intensity of advection of the Atlantic air during the winter period results in clearly milder winters in the regions of Polish coasts on the Baltic Sea (Marsz, Styszyńska, 2001). - (BJ)
  • Les dépôts de glace dans les Montagnes de Bihor et de Vlădeasa et leur influence sur l'environnement
  • The paper presents the ice deposits if the Bihor - Vlădeasa Mountains in terms of their frequency and the probality of this phenomenon's production. There are also care studies concerning the consequences of these deposits on the air conductors
  • The very strong wind from the 7th March in entire Romania, recorded the highest speed in the Suceava County. In this period, this aria entered under the influence of Southern periphery influence of a Icelandic depression, situated in the North
  • This paper deals with the relief influence on the fields of precipitation and their behavior over land and over sea. We found that the intensity H registered during two months is on one hand higher on the mountainous regions and on the other hand H
  • In spring-frost situation, shelterbelts generate a strong spatial variability of the minimal temperatures. The objective of this work is to evaluate the shelterbelt influence on the distribution of freezing and to propose methods of protection
  • Atmospheric concentration in Pm10 particles in the Paillon valley (Contes) can be partially related with atmospheric conditions (wind and rain). Nevertheless, in this case, road traffic influence is obvious, as well as cement works. - (BJ)