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  • Mediated equilibrium : the influence of riparian vegetation and wood on the long-term evolution and behaviour of a near-pristine river
  • erosion rates, and in-channel deposition are substantially influenced by vegetation and wood within the channel and on the floodplain.
  • The aim of this study is to review the different observations made on wide gravel-bed rivers and small streams in the mountains and piedmont of southeastern France to determine the respective influence of basin and valley-floor scale controls
  • on the channel narrowing process. Based on the chronological and spatial patterns of channel and environmental changes in multiple basins in the region, the relative influence of natural and human factors on narrowing is assessed.
  • The influence of plant cover and land use on slope-channel decoupling in a foothill catchment : a case study from the Carpathian Foothills, southern Poland
  • This paper examines the influence of plant cover and land use on slope-channel decoupling in the Stara Rzeka Stream catchment and its subcatchment Dworski Potok Stream. The results show that transport and export of the material on the slopes depend
  • This study of channel and streamflow changes of the upper Wisłoka River following catchment reafforestation has two main aims : first to present and explain the channel transformation and to demonstrate its influence on hydraulic and sedimentary