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  • Action anthropique ; Aire de loisir ; Aménagement hydraulique ; Eau ; Exploitation minière ; Hydrosphère ; Lac ; Poles'e ; Pologne ; Protection de l'environnement ; Qualité de l'eau ; Ruissellement ; Réseau de drainage ; Utilisation du sol
  • An attempt was made to define the character and dynamics of hydrographical changes in the Łęczna-WłodawaLake Region. They have been influenced not only by agricultural land use, but also by the building of the Wieprza-Krzna canal and the drainage
  • The influence of waters from hard-coal mines on the hydrochemical relations of Upper Silesian Coal Basin (USCB) rivers
  • This paper is an attempt to estimate the influence of minewater discharge from the hard coal mines of USCB on the shaping of the hydrochemical conditions of river waters, considering mostly salinity and the salt load removed from this area
  • The influence of anthropopressure on water relations in the Wielkopolska lowland
  • This paper describes the influence of anthropopressure on water conditions in the Wielkopolska Lowland. In particular this is connected with gaining new areas for agriculture : firstly through deforestation and then through drainage of marshy areas
  • Changes in the chemism of the waters of the Łabuńka river catchment under the influence of municipal and industrial wastewater
  • by and sedimentation rates of others rivers influenced by intensive urbanization.