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  • The paper calls for greater integration of scattered trees into agricultural landscapes, hypothesizing that agroforestry practices effectively store carbon and deliver other important ecosystem services. Several agroforests from the Upper Lusatia
  • have been selected. Practices of conserving or promoting six agroforest classes are compared with a catalogue of essential properties for becoming effective carbon offset projects. Criteria from mandatory and voluntary carbon markets for carbon
  • [b1] Dept. of Land and Agroforest Environments, Univ., Padova, Italie
  • Acondicionamiento medio ambiente ; Acondicionamiento rural ; Agroforestal ; Arbol forrajero ; Arbol frutal ; Arbol objetivo multiple ; Arbol para setos ; Arboricultura ; Arboricultura ornamental ; Arbusto ornamental ; Aspecto político ; Cercado
  • AGRICULTURA URBANA ; Africa ; Africa occidental ; Africa subsahariana ; Agroforestal ; Agronomía ; Aprovechamiento territorial ; Avicultura ; Camerun ; Ciudad ; Congo Brazzaville ; Congreso internacional ; Cooperación internacional ; Cría ; Cultivo