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  • Planning practice
  • Irrigation practices and development in the Sudan
  • The practice of theory and the theory of practice : books in 1987
  • Situating practices : the archive and the file cabinet
  • Practicing historical geography
  • Historical geography ; Massachusetts ; Organization ; Practice of geography ; Research ; United States of America
  • Paper deals with the Stockbridge Library Historical Room as an example of how its filing systems are the result of a set of social and institutional practices and technologies that, in turn, are part of a larger forms of social and spatial
  • Theorizing practice in economic geography : foundations, challenges, and possibilities
  • Critical realism ; Decision making process ; Economic geography ; Epistemology ; Methodology ; Social practice
  • The AA. first highlight the diverse strands of economic geography scholarship that have an explicit interest in practices and then propose an epistemological and methodological framework for a practice-oriented economic geography. A reformulated
  • retroductive methodology is outlined to assess the impacts and theoretical significance of particular economic-geographical practices.
  • On the practical relevance of a realist approach to political geography
  • From theory into practices cautionary tal of island biogeography.
  • Tentative calculation of soil erosion for designing a complex of erosion control practices
  • Statistics in geography: a practical approach
  • Regional geography in practice
  • The changing practice of urban planning in spéc..
  • Regional planning in Canada: history, practice, issues, and prospects in Perspectives on Canadian planning.
  • Audiovisual ; Photography ; Place ; Social practice ; Tourism
  • The paper seeks to renegociate the role of visuals and visual practice within the tourist experience. The A. explores the ways in which visuals (photography) enliven tourists' becoming through a multiplicity of fluid and dynamic performances
  • , practices and processes. The emerging dynamics of visual practice renegociate new understandings between tourists and place to establish a series of conceptual moments.
  • Image, practice and hidden impacts of geographic information systems
  • Computing ; Geographical information system ; Philosophy of sciences ; Practice of geography ; Spatial representation ; System
  • A clearer understanding of the possible impacts of the use of geographic information systems can be developed only by looking to the relationships among the knowledge (final product of an inquiry), the practices that produce that product
  • The practice and effect of redistricting in The Theory and practice of redistricting.
  • Biogeography : does theory meet practice ?
  • Bibliography ; Biogeography ; Island ; Practice of geography ; Theory
  • Die geograaf in die praktyk van stedelike beplanning The geographer in urban planning practice
  • Geographers in planning practice in South Africa are restricted in the areas of employment by a lack of training in urban and regional planning. - (AJC)
  • Practices of solidarity : opposing apartheid in the centre of London
  • This paper examines the spatial practices of the Non-Stop Picket of the South African Embassy in London (1986–1990). It explains how this movement produced solidarity with those resisting apartheid in South(ern) Africa. It argues that how the need
  • for anti-apartheid solidarity was framed politically cannot be understood in isolation from how it was performed in practice. The study of solidarity is enriched by paying attention to the micropolitics of the practices through which it is enacted
  • Geography and professional practice
  • Applied geography ; Canada ; France ; Geographical thought ; History of geography ; International Geographical Union ; Ireland ; Japan ; Netherlands (The) ; Poland ; Practice of geography ; Russia ; Spain
  • This book deals with the exploration of the relationships between geography and professional practice from a historical perspective. As such the book is an initiative of the IGU-Commission on the History of Geographical Thought. The chapters
  • of the book present a vast array of professional activities as practiced in various countries. -(AGD)
  • Culture/economy and spaces of economic practice : positioning households in post-communism
  • Through an exploration of the spaces of household economic practice concerned with food production on family plots of land and with inter-household networks of reciprocity, the paper argues that such activities can be better situated within
  • the context of the articulation between deep-seated and long-standing economic practices imbued with cultural significance. It explores the inter-section of these cultural and economic practices through the lens of non-market production of surplus product