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  • The food economy of Poland and planning policy
  • Regional policy 1960-1971 and the performance of the Scottish economy
  • Regional policies in an era of slow population growth and higher unemployment
  • Policy review section
  • British housing policy 1974-1983. A review
  • Investment policy in the Polish transport sector : an appraisal in Urban geography.
  • Policy review section
  • Structural and commodity policies of Spanish agriculture
  • Developments in the common agricultural policy of the European community
  • The common agricultural policy: prospects for change.
  • Rural planning: problems and policies
  • Some development options for the common agricultural policies
  • Regionaal beleid Regional policy
  • The author gives a brief evaluation of the government policy regarding regional-economic problems as a comment upon the governmental report Nota inzake regionaal sociaal-economisch beleid, 1977 t/m 1980. The author emphasizes the necessity for more
  • information and research to reduce the uncertainties of the regional-economic policy. (AGD).
  • Bezinning op regionaal beleid Reflections on regional policy
  • A critical comment upon the Governmental report concerning the regional economic policy for the period 1977-1980. Open to question is the efficiency of the report, because there is insufficient insight in the character of the spatial-economic
  • processes. A confrontation of economic with spatial policy is missing. (AGD).
  • Policy review section. Local fiscal crisis : the policy imperatives
  • Nationalized industry policy and regional policies : the role of the state in capitalist societies in the deindustrialization and reindustrialization of regions
  • Effects of the Common Agricultural Price Policy on the Third World
  • The paper analyses the effects of the Common Agricultural Price Policy (CAPP) on the less developed countries (Idcs) and aims at answering the controversial question whether the Idcs are gaining or losing welfare due to the CAPP. - (L'A.).
  • Van spreidingsbeleid rijksdiensten naar vestigingsbeleid van nieuwe rijksdiensten From spread policy governmental services to location policy of new governmental services
  • There exists a close interrelationship between the regional economic system of the Hague and the governmental services in this city. Therefore the authors discuss the question whither the governmental policy with regard to the spread of governmental
  • Regional and local economic policies and technology.
  • A number of case studies on regional and local economic policies and technology from the Federal Republic of Germany and the Netherlands original presented at a seminar on applied economic geography in Aachen (1988). Recent theoretical view points
  • The origin, the objectives and the set of instruments of the growth centre policy reflect the specifically Dutch context. A growth centre is described as a subsidiary centre within a city region. Thirteen out of fifteen growth centres are situated
  • within Randstad Holland. The foundation for that policy was laid in the fifties : the authorities have not opted for the English solution, but for implementation. Depending on the point of view, the policy may be considered either successful