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  • The Huichols, Mexico's people of myth and magic
  • Belgium and Luxembourg. The lands and their people
  • The Mongolian People's Republic today
  • Regional inequalities in the People's Republic of China
  • The central Ethiopians: Amhara, Tigrina and related peoples
  • The development of productive forces in people's Poland
  • The people of the Nicosia rural-urban fringe: a case study
  • People: an international choice. The multilateral approach to population
  • Bedouin village, a study of a Saudi Arabian people in transition.
  • Bophuthatswana The land and the People.
  • Human settlements in the People's Republic of China.
  • People, environment and development in Africa
  • In the last two decades much writing on Africa has concerned issues which have people-environment relationships as their main focus. The paper seeks to explore the interface between people and environment in Africa and how this interface
  • People as landmarks : the geographic identities of Faeroe Islanders
  • Human survival on the Faeroe Islands has required an intimate knowledge of the landscape. This has influenced islanders to attach personal identities to their local environs. People take on geographic names as their own name. Some people even
  • Cities and elderly people: recent population and distributional trends
  • Elderly people ; Great Britain ; Population ageing ; Residential location ; Retired people ; Social change ; United Kingdom ; Urban population ; Way of life
  • Utilising space in sheltered housing or fitting a quart into a pint pot : perspectives of architects and older people
  • Elderly people ; Espace vécu ; Habitability ; Housing ; Perception ; Residential environment ; Semiotics of space ; Societal relations
  • The A., using textual analysis of architects' professional discourse and interviews with older people, examines their different perspectives on space utilisation in sheltered housing.
  • Reference value of old people's hematocrit and geographical factors
  • China ; Elderly people ; Health ; Regional disparities ; Regression analysis
  • The paper provides a scientific basis for a unified standard of the reference value of Chinese healthy old people's hematocrit. It is found that the altitude is the most important factor affecting this reference value.
  • People and caves in Madagascar
  • The underground landscape of caves and associated karst features in Malagasy is little know to most people, even natives. Article is based on field work researching the relationships between people and caves in Madagascar. A. reviews some of common
  • Internal migration in the People's Republic of China
  • Comments on China's internal migration policy and proposes a migration model to understand the basis of why and where people move. - (DWG)
  • International environmental treaties and the rights of indigenous peoples in Australia : Australian and international environment agreements
  • The purpose of the paper is to describe some of the developments in international environmental law and their effect on domestic policy as it relates to indigenous peoples. These peoples have been inadequately represented in the international
  • environmental negotiations. The World Heritage and the Biodiversity Conventions are mentioned in detail. Many indigenous peoples do not perceive or accept the relevance of international treaties or agreements to their day lives.