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  • Ukraine's financial crisis,2009
  • Bank ; Crisis ; Finance ; Financial crisis ; Ukraine
  • Banco ; Crisis ; Finanza
  • Crisi dell'abitare in Italia
  • The food crisis in prehistory: overpopulation
  • Crisis on the Ganges: the barrage at Farakka
  • World steel: change and crisis
  • Lesotho : crisis and development in the rural sector in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • Crisis in policy, policy in crisis : understanding environmental discourse and resource-use conflict in northern Nigeria
  • Conflict ; Crisis ; Discourse ; Environment ; Farmer ; Nigeria ; Pastoralism ; Policy ; Twentieth Century
  • Development and underdevelopment in southern Africa : an historical overview in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • La OPEP y la crisis energética
  • La nueva geografia| ?una crisis metodologica?
  • Crisis o restructuracion? Comentario sobre la evolucion reciente de la agricultura chilena
  • London's mass transit crisis
  • The coming crisis of US transportation
  • Crisis or recovery? Recent developments in the regional processes in Poland in Urban geography.
  • The impact of global economic crisis on remittances in the Commonwealth of Independent States
  • Balance of payments ; Economic crisis ; Economy ; Former USSR ; IEC ; Impact ; Migration ; Remittances
  • Balanza de pagos ; Crisis económica ; Economía ; Impacto ; Migración
  • The debt crisis and development : a comparison of major economic theories in The debt crisis.
  • Local government reform, urban crisis and development in South Africa in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • The crisis in South Africa : material conditions and the reformist response in Southern Africa : the development crisis.
  • The investment crisis in Russia : a research report
  • Capital ; Crisis ; Data ; Economic cost ; Financing ; Investment ; National accounting ; Russia
  • Economic crisis and the limits to employment
  • Economic crisis and the introduction of modern technologies have aggravated the employment problem also in industrially advanced developing countries as Brasil. The article deals with the issue of possibilities of overcoming unemployment