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  • The housing market, housing finance and housing policy in West Germany : prospects for the 1990s in Housing finance and policy.
  • The interaction of private decisions and government interventions is evaluated against the background of a liberal economic policy, which influenced economic conditions and the pattern of housing finance and housing policy.
  • On Italian agrarian policy
  • Agrarian policy and the future of agriculture in Poland
  • The basic objectives of Polish agrarian policy 1945-1975. The Polish agrarian policy, an attempt of its analysis and evaluation. (INRA).
  • Policy review section. The Channel Tunnel and regional development : policy responses in Britain and France
  • Contemporary trends and policies in French city planning: a chronicle of successive urban policies, 1950-1983
  • Településfejlesztès, településpolitika.. (Settlement development, settlement policy)
  • A new area begun in settlement development in Hungary. A strong criticism is directed to the previous practice of settlement policy. The present situation in Hungarian settlements is outlined, the institutions and strategies of settlement policy
  • Criminality and basic characteristics of penal policy, 1975-1985
  • Adult criminality (political, economic...), penal policy| juvenile delinquency (against property, against life and limb, against the dignity of the person and morality), penal policy.
  • New directions in rural policy : recent administrative changes in response to conflict between rural policies
  • Ruimtelijk beleid in de verzorgingsstaat| onderzoek naar en beschouwing over de (on) mogelijkheid van een national ruimtelijk beleid in Nederland.. (Spatial policy in the welfare-state| research to and considerations about the (im) possibility
  • of a spatial policy in the Netherlands)
  • The authors analyse the impact of the governmental policy with regard to the problem of suburbanisation in the sixties. They give also an overview of the historical development of the governmental policy with regard to problems of physical planning
  • New policies for tourism : opportunities or problems
  • New firm formation and regional policy in the Netherlands
  • Human settlements in Europe, post-war trends and policies
  • Regional policy in Hungary : objectives and achievements
  • The Impact of British regional policies on employment growth
  • Regional economic policy and the movement of manufacturing firms to development areas
  • Office policy: national and regional perspectives
  • Irish economic policy: a review of major issues.
  • The quest for an effective regional policy, 1934-37
  • Community regional policy: a survey and critique
  • Paris, the state and inner city policy: a comment